Friday 5: The League, Hater, Castle Story, Fire Emblem Heroes, Mend

This week Valentine's Day is on our minds, and we have apps for dating, hating, playing games, and recovering from heartbreak.


In this week's Valentine's Day-themed Friday 5, dating app The League extends to Android, Hater helps you find unity through opposition, popular Nintendo game Fire Emblem Heroes comes to mobile, Castle Story gets a love-themed makeover, and Mend -- Breakup Trainer helps the brokenhearted become whole again.

The League (iOS, Android)


The League, the dating app for the affluent and attractive, finally comes to Android just in time for Valentine's Day. Set your preferences for age, height, distance, and education level, and you'll be matched with potential suitors with potential. In this Tinder-style interface, swipe right if you're interested and left if you aren't. A pricey membership upgrade ($179 per year) brings you more in-app perks and prospects and exclusive invites to elite IRL parties where you can meet and mingle in the flesh.

Hater (iOS)


Be a lover, not a hater. No, be both with the Hater app. Hater will serve you loathsome items, and you swipe right to like and left to hate. Then Hater will match you with others who abhor them as much as you do. If you also hate making the first move, you'll love the fact that Hater helps spark conversation with Hater cards that you can play together.

Castle Story (iOS, Android)


Castle Story, Storm8's majestic castle-building game, has you crafting and decorating castle walls, gates, towers, and topiaries and growing crops to turn into royal feasts. You'll also explore foreboding outlying areas and rescue lads and damsels in distress. Special love-themed events have been added just in time for V-Day, including the Baroness Quest Event to help the Baroness find love and the Frog Prince World Event to turn Prince Glen back into a royal with a kiss from Ivy.

Fire Emblem Heroes (iOS, Android)


While most role-playing games embrace romantic themes, Nintendo's latest release, Fire Emblem Heroes, tasks you with making war. You join an order of superheroes from the successful Fire Emblem series and defend the Askr kingdom from the tyrannical Emblian Empire. If you love strategic turn-based battles, then you'll love this RPG. But to do serious damage, be prepared to drop some serious coin in this freemium game.

Mend -- Breakup Trainer (iOS)


Relationship experts claim that it takes half the amount of time you dated someone to get over them. Or was that just Sex and the City? Regardless, getting over a breakup can take what feels like forever. Mend helps expedite the process with a 28-Day Heartbreak Cleanse, featuring daily trainings, focused journaling, and a supportive community going through similar breakups. The first week is free, but after that it's $9.99 per month, $23.99 for three months, or $59.99 for a year.

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