Friday 5: Evernote, Google Maps, Vine Camera, Fabby, Ambience

​The five most noteworthy apps of the week.

Friday 5 is back! This week we have apps for note takers, Uber riders, photo enthusiasts, the next wave of Vine stars, and people looking for a little rest and relaxation.

Evernote (iOS)


This week note-taking app Evernote for iOS got a complete redesign with efficiency in mind. The homepage now contains a list of all your existing notes. With the new tab bar, you can navigate more quickly between Notes, Search, Note Creation, Shortcuts, and Account. To add a new note, just press the green button in the middle. Or press and drag to create Audio, Photo, or Reminder notes.

Google Maps (Android, iOS)


Google Maps has just made it easier for Android and iOS users to book their favorite ride-sharing service: Uber. The app, under Ride, already enables you to search for rides and get price estimates. But now you can also book and pay within Google Maps when you're signed in to your Uber account. Better yet, you don't have to download Uber on your phone, which means you won't be subject to Uber's aggressive location tracking. With the power of Google Maps, you can even get destination info while still en route.

Fabby (iOS)


You can spend a pretty penny to travel to the top of the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal for that perfect selfie. Or you could download the Fabby app to add the most breathtaking backgrounds to your photos -- cityscapes, snow-capped mountains, tropical islands, the Hollywood red carpet, and more. And if you're tempted to buy an iPhone 7 Plus for its depth-of-field capability, save your money: Fabby has the same feature, blurring the background while keeping the foreground subject in focus, and you can use it on any iOS 9-compatible phone.

Vine Camera (iOS, Android)

Vine may be phasing out, but that doesn't mean that all your future short-form video ideas have to die on the vine. Vine Camera enables you to create and edit 6-second looping videos to post to Twitter or save to your phone.

Ambience - Nature Sounds (Android)


Deep in frigid, snow-capped winter, the comforting sounds of nature may seem like a distant memory while you huddle in your heated home. That's why Ambience - Nature Sounds is so handy in these dreary months. Choose from 60 soothing sounds like ocean, river, countryside, and fire. Play existing compositions or mix your own to achieve deeper relaxation or sleep.

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