Five alternative apps to tide you over till iOS 7

If watching Apple's announcement of the new iOS 7 has got you drooling, check out these apps that can tide you over until the official rollout this fall.

Apple's WWDC announcement of the upcoming iOS 7 promised a slew of amazing, long-overdue updates. Unfortunately, however, if you are not a developer, you will have to wait until sometime in the fall for the official launch, like the rest of us. Owners of iOS 7-incompatible devices shouldn't fret, either. The good news is, you can get some of the functionality or at least similar features of iOS 7, in apps that currently exist on the App Store.

1. iOS Mail and Mailbox

The iOS Mail app is still the go-to place for e-mails among numerous users; with that said, many are heralding the upcoming changes that make checking e-mails quick and intuitive. If you're curious about what the interface will feel like, try out the Mailbox app. Its touch-friendly swipe gestures made Mailbox one of the more popular apps this year. Easy to control and packed full of useful features (such as the mail snooze option), Mailbox could potentially keep you loyal even after iOS 7 rolls out. The only downside is that it only supports Gmail.

2. Calendar App and Any.DO

It is strange to compare a to-do list to a calendar. But at their core, both are very similar in their functions. They exist to remind you that there is work to be done. Out of all the apps we reviewed, Any.DO seems to have a very similar design to what is shown in the new Calendar App from Apple. Set tasks, deadlines, alerts, and even share your schedule with friends. Any.DO also lets you switch to category and calendar view when you place your iPhone sideways. The downside is that Any.DO doesn't sync to Google's or other online calendars and requires manual input of each task.

3. iTunes Radio and Spotify or Google Music

Music-on-demand anywhere you go with handcrafted playlists and recommendations? It is no wonder iTunes Radio has stirred up quite a buzz. Music lovers on the go don't have to wait anymore. They can get their tunes from the cloud via the Google Music service or Spotify. Even though the official Google Music app is currently only for Android, the iOS version is expected to be out by this summer, if not within a couple weeks. Those unwilling to wait even a couple of weeks can still check out Spotify, which let you access millions of songs on your mobile device. Spotify won't recommend music but you can always create your own playlist and share with friends.

4. iOS Weather App and Yahoo! Weather

If you are in love with the sleek and stunning design of the new iOS Weather App, check out the Yahoo! Weather app. A quick glance of the side-by-side comparison and you'll swear that it is the same app. The newly redesigned Yahoo! Weather, released a couple of weeks ago, features a similar interface as well as the information contained in the future Weather App from Apple. Whether this indicates that Apple and Yahoo! are working together is highly speculative, but it shows that Apple still has an eye for great design. Instead of the dynamic background of the new Weather App, you get an image background that updates based on your location and current time with gorgeous photos pulled from Yahoo!'s online resource, Flickr. It is missing some other cool features like the ability to pinch and see multiple cities' forecasts, but should still be able to tide you over.

5. New Safari and Google Chrome

The update to Safari promises to bring the ability of tab browsing as well as swiping gestures to navigate between pages along with a multitude of other features. This is a breath of fresh air to an otherwise old-fashioned app. But if you're dying to breathe and can't wait, give Chrome for iOS a try. Featuring some well-known characteristic features of the desktop version, Chrome also brings multitab browsing, the tab switch swipes feature, and even incognito mode to the table. Although not perfect (the iTunes link still gives it trouble), mobile Chrome is a good challenger in browser category.

Know of any other apps that can get you similar iOS 7 functionality? Sound off in the comments.

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