First Look video: 'Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile'

The latest 'Guitar Hero' game for mobile phones brings out the drummers, and some new heavy competition.

What's better than jamming along to guitar rock on Guitar Hero Mobile? Smashing some drums and battling other players to climb the charts of mobile stardom on the latest in the mobile franchise, Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile (review).

The handheld version of Activision's Guitar Hero World Tour console game is making its way around the carriers; at the time of writing, it's already available on AT&T and Sprint (Verizon is expected on November 28.)

Before you subscribe or buy, check out our First Look video to see the new drumming gameplay, hear the better sound, and get the lowdown on multiplayer mode.

I beat my first opponent. Are you next?

P.S. For best results, play to the very end.

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