First Look: IrfanView 4.1

IrfanView has changed since our last video review. If you're unfamiliar with the enhancements to this beloved freeware image viewer and editor, tune in to see the latest.

IrfanView has long been one of the more popular freeware image-editing applications on CNET, and with good reason. Other than the fact that everyone loves freeware, IrfanView comes in multiple languages and packages a range of features to draw in beginners and keep the more advanced users interested.

You also can't discount the lovably homegrown interface that, to me, anyway, underscores the app's birthright as one developer's pet project (it matches well with the author's photos of his Bosnian hometown on IrfanView's Web site.) This video takes a quick look at IrfanView 1.4, which has added editing tools and an effects preview window.

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