Firewall freebie, 64-bit 'Fox

Firefox begins its 64-bit browser journey, and we introduce you to two software freebies.

All you owners of 64-bit Windows computers will be pleased to know that Mozilla is finally throwing your Windows PC a bone. On Friday, Mozilla announced an early-stage version of a Firefox browser compatible with 64-bit processors. The experimental build is available to anyone brave enough to test an unstable, in-development browser, though we recommend taking caution if you do. Otherwise, patience should get you a stable version of Firefox 4 with support for 64-bit PCs around November.

It's been a long time since we've seen significant change to ZoneAlarm's Firewall, but a new version of the free security app is quieter and smarter, bringing over some tools from ZoneAlarm's Internet security suite, an automatic Wi-Fi setting, and 2GB of free online storage. Even though Microsoft's own firewall noticeably improved for Windows 7, ZoneAlarm's offering is still a viable alternative.

Not to be outdone is another bit of software has joined the ranks of freeware excellence. Nitro PDF Reader is the first no-cost app to come from the Nitro family. Our verdict? It does everything you'd expect from a PDF-reader and -editor. We liked it so much, we gave it our Editor's Choice award. Take a video tour here.

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