Firefox ad-blocking, new security, and multimedia streaming

This week, Mozilla adds better ad-blocking features to Firefox, Kaspersky offers up the complete package with Pure Total Security, and a new media-streaming solution comes to Windows and more.

In its quest to continually improve Firefox, Mozilla has added a new do-not-track tool that will help users better thwart ads. With Mozilla's do-not-track technology, network data packets from the browser would signal to a Web site that a person doesn't wished to be tracked. Of course, the company still has to get the sites to cooperate with the new feature.

In security news, Kaspersky is taking its offerings to the next level with Pure Total Security. A laundry list of features new to Kaspersky debuted this week in the new home security suite. Originally announced earlier this month at CES 2011, Kaspersky Pure Total Security takes the highly regarded set of features offered in Kaspersky Internet Security and mixes in some extras that are designed to appeal to people who have more-complicated, multimachine setups at home.

Finally, we took a closer look at Libox, a new multimedia-streaming solution with Web, desktop, and mobile access points. Libox serves to aggregate your media files from various drives and devices, though it doesn't actually upload your media files to the cloud. Instead, the service sniffs out the content stored on your computer, designated networked drives, and connected devices, and creates a marker to their location. You can then access the files from anywhere.