Fetch.io: Download manager in the cloud

Manage downloads from multiple sources through the cloud.

Over the past few years, we've seen a plethora of download servers and utilities that range from the infamous torrent clients to temporary file servers like RapidShare, Megaupload, and HotFile. Torrenting in particular has seen some new improvements in the area of clients; uTorrent (which was eventually acquired by BitTorrent) became one of the most portable, system-friendly clients and Webware sites like Torrific have even eliminated the use of client software altogether.

So how do you top that?

Fetch.io: A Swiss Army Knife download manager? (Credit: Fetch.io)

Enter Fetch.io, a cloud-based service similar to the likes of Dropbox but with the utilitarian function of Torrific, as well as support for RapidShare, Megaupload, FileServe, and other services. Instead of downloading your files to your own computer, you input a torrent URL or any cyberlocker URL from a site like Megaupload, then go about your business. Fetch.io will "fetch" the files itself using its own connection, download them to a remote server, and notify you of the completed ingestion via e-mail. You can then access your files directly from your Fetch.io folder in a process similar to Dropbox.

If you download a movie file, Fetch.io will automatically encode it as MP4 or Flash format for streaming support. This opens up movie-streaming potential for various media platforms and mobile devices.

Keep in mind that although Fetch.io's servers can download files at an amazing rate, users are still capped at their own respective download speeds and bandwidth when accessing their completed downloads on Fetch.io's servers.

Fetch.io is currently in the beta stage and is offering user accounts of up to 20GB of free storage and 40GB in bandwidth. Fetch 'em while they last.

UPDATE (7/5/2011) - Starting tomorrow on 7/6/2011, Fetch.IO will officially graduate from beta and become live. The free accounts have now been changed to host 2GB of storage and 4 GB of bandwidth per month at limited speeds. Torrent and zip file support are now part of the premium accounts, which also include uncapped fetching, increased download storage, and bandwidth. 

Fetch.io boasts support for multiple download sources, including torrent and cyberlocker sites.

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