Featured Freeware: RegAssassin

It requires care when using, but this freeware executable eliminates unwanted Registry keys.

It requires care when using, but this portable executable eliminates unwanted Registry keys. RegAssassin's business-like interface sports only a text entry box, a pair of check boxes, and a function button. Using it requires experience editing the Registry, but for some pernicious malicious software, deleting their registry entries is part of the cleaning process. The program does display warning messages, but inexperienced users could easily crash their system by deleting an important Registry key.

Operating RegAssassin is simple and quick. Users merely enter a Registry key name and delete the key with a single button click. The application includes simple check box-enabled options to reset the key permissions and delete all subkeys. The utility recommends using RegEdit to correctly get Key Names. The total time from finding a problem key to deletion is less than 10 seconds.

This isn't a tool for novices. Even experienced should stay on their toes when operating RegAssassin. The application has no undo or Registry backup functions. However, advanced users looking for a simple Registry Key killer executable for their USB toolbox will want this utility.