Featured Freeware: doPDF

This simple program lacks bells, whistles, and bullhorns, but doPDF does what it's supposed to do--create PDFs--so well that you'll barely notice.

doPDF is a fairly simple program. Even though it's utterly bereft of features beyond its main function--to let users create PDF documents from within any program using the native Print option--it's still worthwhile because it does the basics very well.

Along with whatever printer you've got hooked up that shows up in the Print dialog box, doPDF adds an eponymous option. Select it, hit print, and you get the chance to change the name of the PDF you're creating. Hit enter again and the PDF gets created, then automatically opens for you to proofread. Lacking any customization features or a control panel to manage them, doPDF is definitely meant for fast PDF creation with a minimum of fuss. Extensive language support should appeal to non-native English speakers, and there's another benefit that comes from lacking any frills: It barely uses any RAM.