Featured Freeware: CSS Toolbox

Just a little bit of CSS knowledge will take you a long way when combined with this helpful utility.

With plenty of affordable products in their library to help out those who are serious about Web development, Blumentals Software now has an even more impressively priced product: a package of CSS tools that's absolutely free. The freeware CSS Toolbox includes a handful of helpful tools that should save time for anyone who works with CSS.

The CSS Editor comes with syntax highlighting and simplified auto-complete; the CSS Formatter/Beautifier helps you reformat and prettify your code; the CSS Checker tracks down errors and makes your code old-browser-friendly; and the CSS Compressor makes your code load faster, reducing its size by up to 70 percent. However, if you're a CSS newbie, you might want to read a few online tutorials before diving in. Only a small amount of knowledge is required before you get started, but that modicum will reap big dividends.

Anyone who wants to clean up or check their CSS should check out this set of useful tools.