Facebook for Android 1.0: First Look

An official Facebook app comes to Android, but does it live up to our hopes and dreams? Sadly, no. See why in this First Look video.

Facebook's freshly overhauled iPhone app (Facebook for iPhone 3.0) is so stuffed with goodies, that we were anticipating a similar bounty of features with the much-awaited Facebook for Android.

Shame on the Google/Facebook development team (mostly Google's, with consulting from Facebook) for creating an abbreviated app that fails to offer a complete Facebook.com experience, and shame on us for holding Google up to the high standards we've come to expect from, well, Google.

Having said that, the Facebook for Android 1.0 application is by no means a failed application. Its features are limited, sure, but the app completes its actions as advertised. In the sense of delivering on its promised functionality, it is a success. We just wanted it to be so much more. The good news is, the app can only mature from here. Check it out in the First Look video above.

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