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With almost 7,000 apps, Facebook has something for every kind of techie, from gamer to geek to gadgeteer.

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The Official 100 Question Geek Test

With almost 7,000 apps, Facebook has something for every kind of techie, from gamer to geek to gadgeteer. Here's a quick look at some custom-made apps self-respecting technophiles just shouldn't be without.

1. The Official 100 Question Geek Test: If you have a poster of the chemical elements, know the difference between Ubuntu and Debian, or have ever looked for Easter Eggs on a DVD, this is just the quiz for you. Go ahead, let your outer outcast shine!

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2. Retro Arcade: Real gamers are as happy reveling in classics like Pacman, Tetris, and Space Invaders as they are rocking out to Guitar Hero. Plus there's Pong and Simon, as close to brainy homage as you can get.

3. Of course, gamers of this generation can also sew a badge of pride right onto their Facebook page with I Play WoW, which prominently shares your character, realm, and profile details. Wow is right.

4. Mac Lover: The ultimate banner of pride for fanboys and girls. Show off the gadgets, accessories, and software you want or already have. The app's mirrored interface makes the rabidly loyal froth all the more.

xkcd on Facebook. Hurrah!

5. Techies love comics (See CNET feature.) Especially when they tickle left-brain nerve centers and stage whisper about egghead life. That's why is so exciting to see Randall Monroe's cult classic xkcd blink out on the Facebook app directory, and even better to see the daily comic show up on your profile, as if proclaiming to the world, "Yes. I am geeky-hip enough to subscribe to this killer Web comic. Respect me."

6. Would you want your texting interrupted by a little distraction like your phone? Pshaw. TextMe pastes a marquee where friends can send messages to your phone. It's free for them, and of course with your unlimited texting plan for your super slick miracle phone, it's completely free for you.


7. For tech bloggers passionate about their creed, there's no way a Facebook profile isn't going to feature their blog. If you haven't written your own personalized embedding app yet, two to try are the WordPress and Live Blog varieties.

8. For the techiest of the tech, there's our own near, dear, and shamelessly plugged suite of CNET Facebook apps, including a virtual mall where you can "buy" hot products, MyTech ,which shows off your gadgets, and my personal Tube of choice, CNET TV, for video feeds to your Facebook screen.

Have a favorite tech app I didn't cover? Course you do! Share it with us in the comments below.

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