Exclusive: New CyberLink photo and video tools

CyberLink has new major updates for its flagship photo and video apps--PowerDirector and PhotoDirector--as well as two new custom video apps--AudioDirector and ColorDirector--and a new Director Suite that packages all four.

Long known for its DVD/media playback (PowerDVD) and disc authoring (Power2Go) tools, CyberLink also publishes a full suite of consumer-level photo- and video-editing software that includes powerful technology. In an exclusive release for Download.com, CyberLink's two flagship editing programs -- PhotoDirector for photography editing and management; PowerDirector for video editing and effects -- update to versions 4 and 11, respectively, including a new version of PhotoDirector for Mac. The company is also introducing two new video-production tools for audio -- CyberLink AudioDirector -- and color -- CyberLink ColorDirector, as well as a Director Suite that packages them all together for Windows users.

All of the CyberLink trials linked below last for 30 days and are full-featured.

CyberLink PhotoDirector (for Windows; for Mac)

CyberLink PhotoDirector lets you import your casual photos and turn them into professional-looking pics with a little help from the vast array of filters, effects, and correction tools. The biggest news on version 4 is the scads of new presets and filters to tweak and polish your photos: a new high dynamic range (HDR) imaging effect allows for high-contrast masterpieces; improved tools for fixing chromatic aberrations; more flexible tone management; and more advanced white-balance control.

Along with the existing Eye Blinger, Wrinkle Removal, Skin Smoother, and Tooth Brush effects, the new update adds a Body Shaper tool to make yourself or anyone in your pictures as svelte (or as zaftig) as you like. A new "content-aware removal" feature seamlessly eliminates items from photos by intelligently filling in the background. And face-recognition technology will help you remember exactly which of her myriad friends were at your first grader's last birthday party.

CyberLink PowerDirector

With 100 built-in effects and 300,000 more available via DirectorZone.com, CyberLink PowerDirector lets any video producer create smooth, professional-looking videos with minimal rendering time. In version 11, a new Design Studio includes tools like Title Designer, PiP Designer, Particle Designer, and Menu Designer to place particle effects over titles, add reflection effects to text or objects, or use the gradient tools to make any specific section of your video pop.

Designed for a fast-paced professional video production workflow, PowerDirector uses its proprietary video technology to minimize processing times. A new TrueVelocity 3 engine, multi-GPGPU acceleration and native 64-bit support, it lets users import, edit, and export videos beyond HD quality, up to next generation 4K Ultra HD standard. And similar to PhotoDirector, PowerDirector users "Content-Aware Editing" to retrieve and fix video footage but automatically honing in on correctable imperfections.

CyberLink AudioDirector

Using its proprietary "iZotope technologies," CyberLink AudioDirector lets you take the sound and music of your videos. Multitrack recording and mixing features help lay down the structure of your soundtrack, and helpful filters smooth remove extra noise to produce a final version that is polished and crisp.

CyberLink ColorDirector

Take the color in your video up to the next level, the professional level, with this niche production tool that corrects, edits, and creates color. Users can produce their own color palettes and share them with the community via the Director Zone, or simply take advantage of the full set of auto-correction and balancing tools to adjust the color temperature and intensity in videos. Cool motion-tracking features let you set the color of moving objects and count on ColorDirector to maintain that color wherever they go.

Film-style presets provide retro looks at the touch of a button, simple color replacement lets you easily turn all things red into yellow, and a helpful comparison view lets you peruse various color options side by side in real-time snapshots. Also, non-destructive editing tools make sure that your original video remains pristine.

CyberLink Director Suite

The CyberLink Director Suite packages all four of the above Windows software titles into a discounted bundle that offers quite a bit of savings over the individual programs themselves. If you're considering both PhotoDirector and PowerDirector, it's worth a look. The suite saves you about $150 off the collected prices, and it also throws in extra effects and creative packs.

The trial for the Director Suite does install the 30-day trials of all four of the Windows applications, but be forewarned -- it's a 926MB download.

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