Easter screensavers for all ages

Easter is alive on your desktop with these seven holiday-themed downloads for all ages. From fluffy chicks and gorgeous wildflowers to a clever Easter bunny caper involving Easter egg ammo, this festive collection has something for everyone.

Easter is alive on your desktop with these seven holiday-themed downloads for all ages. From the sublimely sweet slideshow screensavers of fluffy chicks and gorgeous wildflowers to a clever Easter bunny caper involving a skateboard and Easter egg ammo, this festive collection of applications has something for everyone.

Easter chicks

Everything Easter
Everything iconic about Easter resides in this free screensaver slideshow. In one scene, five fluffy chicks sit irresistibly atop eggs in a woven, ribboned basket. In another, a pure white rabbit sniffs an egg while sun-yellow daffodils and deep purple petals fill in the foreground and background. It's no wonder Everything Easter is our top pick for a calming, feel-good screensaver that's perfectly designed to give your heartstrings a gentle, therapeutic tug.


An Eggstremely 3D Easter Screensaver
This eggstremely hilarious free-to-try screensaver follows a day in the life of the Easter Bunny as he delivers eggs in the backyards of a prototypical suburban neighborhood. At first, the emblematic rabbit drops his colorful eggs one by one on grassy lawns, careful not to miss an opportunity to tramp some flowers. As he leaps, somersaults, or crashes over the neighbor's fence, our big-eared holiday hero encounters a hostile pooch, which he subdues with a firm pelting of eggs. Eventually, the Easter Bunny acquires rocket boots and a skateboard to speed up his "egg laying" in this inventive, lighthearted screensaver comedy.


3D Magic Mahjongg Holidays Easter
The old-school graphics on this Easter-themed tile-matching game might turn off some, but the addictive gameplay and sweet, vernal motif are redeeming and endearing. The game opens with a stack of tiles covered with bells, flowers, painted eggs, chicks, and jelly beans set in a grassy glade. The Easter Bunny lazily hops in the background. Your job is to strategically match two unobstructed tiles. Pair them all off and you win the game, but get stuck and you'll have to start again. As added value, 3D Magic Mahjongg Holidays includes scenes for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and the Fourth of July.

Spring flowers

Messengers of Spring
Springtime isn't just about adorable fuzzy creatures and goop-filled chocolate eggs wrapped in foil. More importantly, it's about the colorful flowers nosing out of the thawing ground and the promise of warmer days to come. This simple, free screensaver plays a collection of beautiful images that capture the essence of those first blooms: brilliant red and yellow tulips carpeting the field, dainty pink wildflowers in an orchard setting, a quaint backyard garden at the height of its bloom, and the tidy, cheerful planter box that makes a home more inviting.

3D desktop bunnies

3D Desktop Bunny Rabbits Screen Saver
What better reminder of spring's fertility and symbolism of life than a tongue-in-cheek screensaver that celebrates the season with bunnies? As the cute, 3D digital critters cavort around the screen, they'll pause to multiply, well, just like rabbits. When they pause side-by-side, the two rabbits become surrounded in a glittering glow of magic dust. It's from this cloud that a baby bunny emerges, and all three rejoin the growing warren to hop around your screen. The circle of life continues, with newborns growing in size. The longer you're away from your computer, the fuller your screen becomes with life and footprints. A rotating view and multicolored bunnies help keep this screensaver visually interesting.

Floating eggs

3D Floating Easter Eggs
If you think watching goldfish cruise around a tank is relaxing, wait until you see this 3D, floating screensaver. Colorfully painted Easter eggs drift lightly down from the sky in this trial software and bounce around the desktop. A grassy clearing sets the scene, and from time to time you can spot a rabbit bounding through, untouched by the raining eggs. Light audio and color adjustments round out the program, which also supports using your own MP3s to create the soundtrack.

Bunny riddle

30 Happy Easter Riddles Screensaver
A mixture of prayers, riddles, and static Easter images comprises this upbeat and child-focused screensaver. The light colors, gentle--and, frankly, amateurish illustrations-- and corny jokes make this screensaver ideal for families with younger kids who will chuckle over the yuks interspersed throughout the program's 30 screens. Here's one favorite: "Why did the Easter egg hide?" (Answer: "Because he was a little chicken.") Much more customizable than other holiday screensavers, 30 Happy Easter Riddles lets you tweak colors, add music files, adjust the screen resolution, and set intervals between images. This may not be the most artistic screensaver of the bunch, but it has its charms.

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