Draw Something lets you draw with friends

A new game has hit the top of the charts in the iTunes App Store that's a lot like popular board game Pictionary, except it's on your smartphone.

Draw Something
Like many of the "With Friends" games, your game list lets you know the current status. (Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Draw Something (iOS | Android) offers turn-based gameplay that brings friends together as teammates to draw basic items (and sometimes more-complex ones) to see how long they can continue to guess each others' drawings correctly.

Once you've created a game with a friend through Facebook, Twitter, or by registering within the game, you're given three choices (easy, medium, or hard) of objects to draw that your friend will need to identify. Once your friend receives the drawing, he or she is given only a handful of available letters to use for the word (probably to make it a little easier to guess). You also have a Bomb button that blows away some of the letters in your collection, making it even easier to find the word.

When you successfully identify your friend's drawing, you're both given coins based on the difficulty of the word. You get one coin for easy words, two coins for medium, and three coins for hard words. So instead of competing against each other, you're teaming up to try to get as far as possible while earning coins. The coins can be used to buy more colors (for better drawings) and more bombs (when you want to blow up a difficult word). What ends up happening without the competitive element is just a fun game you and a friend can play to see how far you can go.

Draw Something
Use the available letters to guess the image your friend drew. (Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

I'm no artist--not by a long shot--but when Associate Editor Sharon Vaknin and I started playing, I had a lot of fun trying to guess what she was drawing. Apparently I was doing an adequate job, because we've already gone for several rounds without missing a word. I think part of the fun is that you get to watch your friend draw each line, along with all her mistakes; the crudeness of the drawings is almost always funny as you try to guess the answer.

One thing worth noting is playability on iOS devices. Sharon, who has been playing the game quite a lot, swears by the larger drawing room on the iPad's big screen. She has also made her own stylus for drawing (check out this How To for making your own stylus). I have been playing on my iPhone so far, and while playable, it can get a bit crowded, forcing you to do more erasing than you might on the iPad. If you have the choice, play Draw Something on an iPad, but you'll still have fun playing on the iPhone.

Draw Something is incredibly addictive, and even if your friends are sick of playing, the game offers random matching with people so you can keep drawing and guessing as long as you want. If you like word games or drawing board games like the classic Pictionary, you should definitely check out this game.

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