Download Gmail attachments to cloud storage with Kloudless

Get Gmail attachments instantly--in your Dropbox or box storage--with this easy-to-use Google Chrome extension.

Installation and initialization is quick and painless with four, easy steps:

Simply download and install Kloudless (public beta).

Downloading to Dropbox. (Credit: Screenshot by Tuong Nguyen/CNET)

Sync your Gmail and Google Drive account with Dropbox and/or box services.

Set automation rules for how Kloudless handles your files. Set MS Doc and Excel spreadsheets to be automatically sent to Google Drive. Large files like videos and music can be transferred to Dropbox while smaller files can go to your box storage. Move confidential materials off your e-mail quickly and into the cloud.

Sync multiple e-mails and make their attachments available on one cloud service. You can also sort attachments into specific Dropbox/box folders. Kloudless ties existing services together without storing any of your data.

Set what to go where. (Credit: Screenshot by Tuong Nguyen/CNET)

Kloudless was created in the backyard of Silicon Valley by Kloudless, Inc., which aims to revolutionize the way we work in the cloud. Kloudless hopes to connect the different cloud services together and put them into one accessible and secure place. With Kloudless, e-mail sites with online storage services such as Yahoo (Dropbox), MS Outlook (Sky Drive), and Gmail (Google Drive), have finally achieved a bit of unity.

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