Don't let phone calls stop your game

Small Call is an app for Android that eases the pain of phone call interruptions.

Imagine you're surfing the Web or playing Temple Run 2 for the umpteenth time. Sometimes in life there are things that deserve full concentration without the needless distractions of phone calls and text messages or anything of that sort. Unfortunately for Android users, a disruptive phone call can mean the difference between life and death (in a game).

Small Call by Apps Falyf thinks it has the solution. The app displays incoming phone calls and texts in a small pop-up widget on your phone instead of interrupting your current activity.

Having a feature like this while using GPS, for example, is especially useful, and one I personally appreciate the most since my smartphone is my main navigation unit.

You can tweak various settings like the opacity of the notification and setting custom text responses at the touch of a button. In testing, performance varied from app to app. While it worked fine for most stock apps like e-mail and maps, performance-intensive games seemed to noticeably freak out a bit or take a ring or two before activating. Apps Falyf actually encourages users to reach out to the respective developers for any related app crashes.

Small Call isn't perfect by any means but when it works, it's an appreciated feature that leaves us wondering why no one came up with it sooner. For 99 cents, it's a useful tweak worth downloading.

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