Digital natives hold on to Polaroid

Free applications Poladroid and Polarize create virtual Polaroids for those who enjoy the classic look.

Start icon for Poladroid application

Since it was rescued from extinction, Polaroid's look has been transformed into something everyone can have right on their computers or mobile screens. Free applications like Poladroid and Polarize bring Polaroid's feel to the digitally inclined.

Once you open Poladroid, a picture of a Polaroid camera will show up on your desktop. To start converting your pictures into retro gems, drag and drop any JPEG file onto the Poladroid icon. The loading time for the application is a bit slow, but at least the sound effects are realistic. The final image does not show up right after you drag the photo into Polardroid. Just like real Polaroid film, the image starts out dark and then slowly transitions into a fully visible photo. The application allows users to adjust image effects, such as vignette strength and blurriness, as well.

CNET Downloads intern Polina Polishchuk converted by Poladroid.

Polarize for iPhone is a lot of fun as well. The application gives users the option to select from their iPhone's photo roll, or simply take a picture straight from the app. Either way, the end product is a retro-looking image that is not vintage overkill; the program edits the image to the appropriate color. With Polarize, you can also tag the bottom of your Polaroid with a digital sharpie.

With Polaroid's rising popularity among the generation of digital natives, more and more applications have been introduced into the scene. Polarock and ShakeIt are among the paid Polaroid applications for iPhone. As time goes on, more retro gadgets may be making their way into the virtual world.

iPhone application Polarize tags your picture with a virtual sharpie.