Convert and copy with Corel DVD Copy

Corel's DVD Copy 6 is great for video file conversion and device support, as well as basic ripping and burning.

As discs slowly succumb to the portable drive, rippers and burners have been forced to diversify. Merely ripping and burning well will lead to crashing and burning badly: customers want to see something tech-relevant. Corel's DVD Copy 6 focuses heavily on file format conversion, and for $50 it offers a wide range of source and target compatibility including iPods and PSPs.

Corel has provided a deep toolbox here. DivX HD, Xvid, and AVCHD are supported, the latter for camcorder files. MPEG-4 and H.264 are supported, too, so you can copy directly to devices such as iPods, iPhones, Zunes, PDAs, PSPs, Nintendo DS and Gameboys, cell phones (3GPP/3GPP2), and others. The program also works with TiVo 2.0, for converting and copying last night's Heroes directly to your iPod Touch for the morning train ride. Also of note is that the program supports URLs with embedded video, meaning YouTube and Hulu videos are fair game, too.

DVD Copy 6 can convert video files to be compatible with a wide range of devices, including PSPs, iPods, PDAs, and more. (Credit: Corel Corporation)

In my testing, which included an iPod, a DVD, a YouTube video, and several safe-for-work AVI and MPEG videos, I encountered no problems copying and converting from source to destination. The DVD-to-DVD function worked a bit slower, but our burner was ripping at 16x, so burner speed has a lot to do with it. Videos played flawlessly on the iPod.

Former add-ons are now standard, including a disc utility to erase and format rewritables, a virtual drive to store game discs on your machine, and a label creator.

The program supports numerous video profiles. (Credit: Corel Corporation)

The interface is slick, with a selection wheels of task buttons in the upper left, a preview pane below them, and Output, Source, and Destination options in the center. There also a familiar layout for content being copied or converted and a Progress bar below that. The Help menu was excellent for newbies, though advanced users might find the documentation a bit lacking.

Easy enough for beginners to get their feet wet, yet filled with features that should appeal to those familiar with file conversion, Corel DVD Copy 6 is an excellent program for meeting video converting and copying needs.