CNET's new beta software

We'd like you to meet the newest member of the CNET brood, a brand-new beta service that helps keep your software versions up to date.

CNET TechTracker beta

For years, you've been begging for the return of CNET CatchUp, a program that helped track your software installations and informed you when new versions were available. It went the way of the dodo, but CNET has been working on a similar service and we'd like your feedback on it. Consider it CatchUp 2.0.

CNET TechTracker FAQs:

  • Name: CNET TechTracker (download)

  • What: Free beta service that starts with a small desktop app and culminates in a Web dashboard that, like CatchUp, reports which software versions you have on your hard drive
  • Aim: Alert you to available product updates, help keep your software versions current
  • Minimum requirements: Windows 2000+; Firefox 2.0+, IE +, Chrome, Safari; 512MB RAM+, broadband Internet (DSL or cable)

For all you dual Windows/Mac users, a Mac beta should be available to try in a few weeks.

Since this is a beta build, you may run into snags and instability. And, since TechTracker beta is a CNET product, it's our policy not to review it. But we hope you do. The folks at CNET TechTracker want your feedback, good or bad, and that's something you'll be able to provide directly from CNET TechTracker's Web dashboard (or from this form). Of course, you can tell us here, too, and we'll be happy to pass that along.

Try out CNET TechTracker beta. For extra reference, here are the beta release notes.

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