Clipping mobile coupons with Cellfire 3.0

Three new additions make it easier to get, store, and sort mobile coupons.

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In the Internet Age, clipping and keeping coupons is a bunch of busywork. Cellfire's compelling mobile coupons service, however, helps users redeem offers from the cell phone, today's essential pocketbook.

Version 3.0 of Cellfire for the mobile Web and for Windows Mobile phones, adds three new useful ways to work with mobile coupons in your area. That is, if your area happens to be in the U.S.

Image of Cellfire 3.0 on Windows Mobile.
Save local coupons on your cell phone. (Credit: CNET Networks)

The first change is the ability to save offers of interest, which are generally good for a week, in a separate silo. From the offer details page, you'll be able to click a link for saving the offer. The second addition lets you similarly track offers from your online account. Saving the offer online and updating the application from your phone syncs your current coupons.

But why stop with digital savings? Clip2Mobile is Cellfire's new program for cornering clippings by texting a keyword to 22888, Cellfire's short code. An advertising partner may flash the code on a Web site banner ad, on an in-store poster, or may paste it to a roadside billboard to drum up more takers. Now if only Cellfire will produce a few more deals in my area that I'll actually want to use.

Cellfire 3.0 will come to Java phones and BlackBerrys in about a month.

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