Cell phone users: Get pitas, haircuts for less

Cellfire adds Supercuts and Extreme Pita to their mobile coupon offerings.


I like Cellfire, a mobile coupons app that's optimized for BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile, and has a WAP site for cell phones (www.cellfire.com from your phone's browser.) They've got a smart business plan, good partnerships, and wide accessibility to users through support for multiple carriers and platforms.

One of Cellfire\'s national partners.

Too bad some of the national offerings are so pedestrian, such as Cellfire's partnerships with Supercuts and Extreme Pita, announced Wednesday. That's only mundane if you're a snob like me. If you're most people, Cellfire's deals with local, regional, and national retailers are a useful, convenient way to save a buck or two for everyday items. Everyone needs a haircut, right?

Supercuts and Extreme Pita join Hollywood Video, 1-800-Flowers, Subway, Coldstone Creamery, and about 10,000 other participating merchants in Cellfire's posse. Dwight Moore, Cellfire's VP of Corporate Marketing, hinted that talks with department stores and other clothing retailers are under way. Partnerships with coupon publishers are also being forged, to distribute more deals to the phone. Not bad, but I'm still holding out for Whole Foods.

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