Celebrate Safer Internet Day with 2GB of Google Drive storage

Make your own piece of the Internet a better, safer place.

Happy Safer Internet Day! While the world today is acting in a possibly irresponsible manner to celebrate Mardi Gras, Google would like to take a moment to make your piece of the Internet a better, safer place.

First, log in to your Google account and a do quick security check on your settings.

As part of your checkup, you can add a recovery phone number for your account and review the strength your password. If you complete the Security Checkup by February 11, Google will give you 2GB of extra Google Drive storage for free. That's more useful than finding a tiny plastic baby in your King Cake.


Second, Google is helping you stay safer while using Gmail. Now, if you are exchanging email with someone whose service provider doesn't encrypt messages, you will see a broken lock icon in the message. And if Google can't authenticate the message, you will see a question mark. For more info, see this Google report on safer email.

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