Browse through a wall of images and videos

Cooliris for iPhone offers a unique image and video browsing experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Check out the latest new features in version 1.5 of this popular image and video search tool.

Cooliris for iPhone

The Cooliris Firefox plug-in (Mac or Windows) is one of the most popular extensions in our library. Fire it up once, and you'll see why: Cooliris turns your image or movie searches into a 3D wall that is easy to navigate and just plain cool looking. When they came out with an app for iPhone some time ago, it didn't have enough of the cool features to make it worthwhile. But they've just released version 1.5 for iPhone and after giving it a test drive, I think it might be worthy of another look.

Cooliris for iPhone
Once your search is completed, touch the right side of the screen to see the full image wall (Credit: CNET)

Cooliris for iPhone attempts to move the mostly seamless browsing experience from the Firefox Extension on to your touch-screen iPhone, and it does a fairly good job. You'll need a fast broadband Wi-Fi connection to get quick load times, but the app is still usable on slower connections. New features in this 1.5 release include faster search results (up to five-times faster, according to Cooliris), the capability to use Microsoft's Bing search engine for queries, and full Twitter support (read content from the public Twitter feed or read Tweets from the people you follow). They've moved to a slide-out user interface (think of a drawer being pulled out from the left) for most of the features like switching search engines, choosing browseable news categories, and RSS feed management.

Overall, Cooliris for iPhone is a unique and fun way to browse images, videos, feeds, and tweets, and it's difficult to find fault with such an interesting and unique app that's always been free.

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