Blink-induced log-in now available on 64-bit Windows

Blink!, which allows users to log into their computer using a Webcam, is now available on Windows Vista and 7 64-bit PCs.

Blink! detects your face at your Windows log-in screen. (Credit: Luxand)
It is now harder to blank on computer security with the newest version of Luxund's facial-recognition log-in program, Blink!. The newest version supports Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-bit, in addition to the original 32-bit version. On Luxand's Web site, the company promises "more stability, more reliability, and thus more security."

This free application uses advanced biometric identification, allowing users to log into their computer simply by looking into a Webcam. Blink cleared numerous tests, including sunglasses. The program has multiple security functions, such as support for multiple users and the capability to create a log of those who access the computer. It is great for people who have trouble remembering passwords, as well as those who want an added layer of log-in security.

The lack of support for Web site log-ins is an obvious deficiency, but maybe that is coming next to the handy app.