BitTorrent delivers a tripartite flood of updates

BitTorrent delivers its first stable version for the Mac, alongside a refresher update for μTorrent stable for Mac and an iPad-optimized Web interface for μTorrent Remote.

BitTorrent has achieved stability on the Mac with the release today of the newly stable version of its "mainline" client, an update to the stable μTorrent for Mac, and the launch of a new remote management Web interface that's been optimized for iPad users. BitTorrent for Mac (download) and μTorrent for Mac (download) transports the most popular features of those programs from Windows to Mac, including RSS feeds, a scheduler, remote access, and power user controls.

The uTorrent Remote Web interface has been redesigned and optimized for iPads, although it will work on any platform. (Credit: BitTorrent, Inc.)

As with the Windows versions, the features are fairly robust. The RSS feeds can be set to automatically grab and start downloading torrents. The scheduler includes time-based bandwidth throttling for people on metered or shared networks. Advanced controls, accessible via Command+Option+, include better logging, fine-tuning for ports, network configuration, download/upload speeds, and labeling.

Meanwhile, the HTML5-powered remote access Web site for μTorrent Remote has been optimized for the iPad, circumventing the lack of an app for iPhone and iPad users, although BitTorrent hadn't confirmed that as the purpose of the site at the time of writing. Both the Mac and Windows versions of μTorrent can interact with the remote feature via a simple shared code. Android users received a dedicated remote control app earlier this year.

UPDATE October 19, 2011 at 12:15 p.m. PST: In response to a query as to whether the company was planning a dedicated iOS app, a BitTorrent, Inc., spokesperson replied in an e-mail that, "The new interface is designed as an extension of the μTorrent Remote platform for iPad users and the touch environment. It's not expected to replace an app experience, which is on the team's wish list but hasn't yet been officially upgraded to the product roadmap."

uTorrent for Mac (Credit: BitTorrent, Inc.)