AVG boosts performance and Google does some housekeeping

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Last week, we saw a big release on the security front, as AVG let loose its shiny new 2012 suite. While the company did make some important security improvements in this latest version, including adding important protection against fake antivirus software and ransomware, it focused a bit more of its attention on performance. Specifically, the company says that it has reduced the size of its virus signature database by 40 percent and the number of running processes in the suite from 16 to 11. The company also stated that AVG 2012 uses 20 percent less memory overall than previous versions, and that it ought to impact your computer's boot time less. But of course, these are all AVG's claims. You can see what our findings were here.

In other news, Google officially closed 10 of its businesses in order to streamline its operations and focus on bigger bets. Fortunately, all of the employees working on the closing businesses will be moved to other posts. Be sure to read up on Google's "fall spring cleaning" here.