An early look at Firefox 5

A look at the latest in downloads.

Firefox 4 hasn't even gotten a release candidate yet, but that doesn't mean that Mozilla's design team is sitting idly by. In this gallery, we preview some Firefox 5 images from Mozilla that showcase what's next. And if you use Firefox for work, check out these three productivity-enhancing add-ons.

In app news this week, Google confirmed it pulled several malicious Android apps from its marketplace and removed them from devices that had them installed. Only devices running an Android version earlier than version 2.2.2 were susceptible to the rogue apps. And Twitter revamped its iPhone app in a big way, including automatic URL shortening and autocomplete for usernames and hash tags.

Also this week, Opera launched its own mobile app store, offering both paid and free apps designed for a variety of phones, including those running Java, Symbian, BlackBerry, Android, and Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS.