Add-on hooks uTorrent into your browser

uTorrent Control gives you basic torrent management tools in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Also: say hello to a sponsored search engine.

uTorrent Control adds torrent management to your browser. (Credit: BitTorrent, Inc.)

For people who want the shortest path from a Web site to their torrent client, the new add-on uTorrent Control (download) puts basic torrent-managing tools directly in your browser.

It lets you add, remove, and pause torrents; check download status; and monitor download speeds. You can sync it with the desktop client or with uTorrent Remote, and use it to launch the Web remote at The add-on installs as a toolbar on Firefox and Internet Explorer; on Chrome, it appears as a button.

It also has a sponsored search engine component, which is easy enough to ignore. uTorrent Control is an interesting browser additive for torrenting addicts, but it's not really necessary.

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