A new Avira antivirus app

Security vendor Avira updates its product family for 2010, we show you how to share and sync work folders between multiple computers, and we provide a directory of online services that help you share humongous files.

If you're a major security vendor, updating your antivirus application once a year is pretty much par for the course. Symantec, TrendMicro, McAfee, AVG, and Avast have all turned in their updates for 2010. Now it's Avira's turn. Avira AntiVir 10--which comes in free, premium, and premium security suite versions--is keeping up with the security status quo, but it falls short of fulfilling its full potential. Read our hands-on review of Avira 2010 to find out how and why.

This week, we also have two tips for you. The first is a detailed look at two free ways to share and sync Windows folders. It's handy knowledge for those who need access to files on another PC.

Our second tip is another goody that, if it hasn't inspired a quest to search the Web for a definitive solution, has at least touched most computer users at one time or another. We're talking about the easiest way to send ridiculously large files like a stack of digital photos, several albums of songs, or a huge video. We have our own guide for you, in round-up and video forms.

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