A fusion of operating systems

This week's Download Dispatch for Mac includes VMware Fusion, Pixelmator, and X-Plane. Get all the latest Mac software news and updates in the Download Dispatch for Mac.

VMware Fusion is a virtualization program that lets you run Windows applications on any Intel-based Mac--and quickly switch back and forth between Windows and Mac apps. This app's Unity feature alone makes it worth trying VMware Fusion's 30-day trial. With Unity, Windows apps appear right alongside Mac apps as windows in your Mac OS, as well as in the Dock and Expose. This latest version of VMWare Fusion fixes bugs while running Mac OS X in virtualization.

Also this week, we have the latest version of Pixelmator, the full-featured image editor without the hefty price tag of big-name software. This latest release is primarily a maintenance release, but the recent update to 2.0 added a laundry list of new and useful features, making it much better than previous versions.

Our game this week is X-Plane, a popular flight simulator that lets you fly from one end of the country to another. While the full version of this game offers amazing features such as autogenerated scenery and downloadable planes and helicopters (or just about any flying machine), this demo limits you to only 60 minutes of gameplay. In other words, only those who are serious about flight simulators should take on the large download.

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