StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void's closed beta

Today the StarCraft II trilogy's final chapter was released in closed beta, with the first wave of invitations going to lucky players around the world. It's not too late to partake: head over to to sign up through your account.

Blizzard Entertainment is rolling out a slew of changes to StarCraft II. Expect completely new units, modifications to existing units, tweaks in the game's resource economy, and the highly anticipated Archon mode that will allow... Read More »

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Best indie games from GDC and SXSW 2015

Games don't have to have a Dragon Age- or Call of Duty-sized budget to wow gamers and critics. Outer Wilds and SpeedRunners proved that point again recently at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and South by Southwest (SXSW). Check out the winners from both conferences' indie game awards.

Independent Games Festival at GDC

Outer Wilds, a curious game of space exploration and campfire tunes, took top honors at the 17th annual Independent... Read More »

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6 calendar apps that spring ahead

Your phone comes with a calendar app, but does it suit you? Save the day (and the week, month, and year) with a calendar app that will help you spring ahead.

Google Calendar (iOS, Android)

Google Calendar is old hat for Android users, but it was noticeably absent from iOS until this week. Now iPhone users can create calendar events directly from Gmail and get the graphically appealing new Schedule View, and Google Calendar integrates with Exchange and iCloud calendars.... Read More »

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7 iPhone security apps

Apple says that iOS devices are inherently secure -- that's the stance the company took in its 53-page iOS Security Guide last fall. However, around the same time, opposing points of view were expressed in stories about Xsser Trojans, which can steal data from iOS devices; WireLurker, malware that penetrates iOS security via USB; and forensics experts pulling data off locked iPhones. So Apple's recent decision to pull many antivirus and anti-malware apps from the App Store left some people... Read More »

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Spring-clean your smartphone

The smartphone is the ultimate decluttering tool -- it's your address book, clock, calendar, camera, and music collection, and it can do a lot of what your computer does. But the more apps you have, the less space and speed your phone has, and the more you're at risk for poor privacy settings or bad apps that compromise your info. Give your device a deep cleaning with the following 10 apps for better performance and privacy.

Vanquish virusesAVG Cleaner & Battery Booster... Read More »

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Security software awards

What's the best antivirus software, and how can you tell? When we review security software at, we do hands-on testing, looking at everything from user-friendliness to virus eradication, but we also look at test results from independent institutes like AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. These labs do not produce their own antivirus software and perform rigorous, objective tests on security suites from all major manufacturers. Here are the consumer security apps that recently won the labs' seal of approval:

AV-Test awards

Best... Read More »

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First look: Vivaldi browser

Vivaldi, a Web browser now in tech preview, caters to power users who expect more from their browsers, letting them interact with content in new and exciting ways. Created by former Opera developers, Vivaldi is built on Chromium, the same platform used for Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon, and, of course, Opera.

On the surface, Vivaldi looks similar to other browsers, but a plethora of tools lie beneath that unassuming interface. Here are our six favorites.

Speed Dial

Customize your start page... Read More »

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Fitness apps to motivate your workouts

How is your workout working out? Lots of apps provide routines and fitness tracking, but those are no use if you're not motivated to get off the couch and keep going. We've run through fitness apps and have picked seven that will get you into the gym or out for a long jog or a bike ride, because there's nothing like music, scenery, and friendly competition to energize you.

RockMyRun (iOS, Android)

Music is a great booster during... Read More »

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7 apps for 7 daters

Meeting people is easy, but meeting the right person is challenging. If you're finding too many Ms. or Mr. Wrongs, then you probably just haven't met the right app yet. We've screened dating apps and have picked our top 7, paired with personality profiles, so you can find your app match.

Committed (iOS, Android)

If you're looking for a lasting relationship, then is for you. Why else would you pay for a plan that runs from $21.99... Read More »

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10 apps to make taxes less taxing

We all dread tax time: hunting for receipts and statements, figuring out which forms we need, decrypting IRS instructions, and carving out time to go through it all. In tax preparation as in health matters, prevention is the best medicine, so we've compiled 10 apps to give you a jump-start on filing, helping you track finances year-round and get maximum refunds for minimum effort.


TaxCaster (iOS, Android)

Get a head start on tax planning with TaxCaster, an... Read More »

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