Listen to and follow the World Series online

Want to watch the World Series online? Sorry. Fox Broadcasting seems to have made that impossible (or just illegal) in 2012. But have no fear: when you're away from your TV, you can still listen to or follow the MLB championship games easily with a few choice Android apps.

Listen to the World Series live on your Android device If you've sprung for a subscription from MLB At Bat, you're already covered. Those of us on the cheap can get our... Read More »

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Firefox's Social API debuts with Facebook Messenger

Mozilla's Social API has activated in Firefox Beta today with its first partner, Facebook Messenger. The innovation has the potential to forever alter how browsers interact with social-networking sites, but the project is still in its infancy.

The Social API (turn it on here: Firefox Beta or Firefox Aurora) looks at the problem of how to integrate modern social networking into the browser, Johnathan Nightingale, Mozilla's director of Firefox Engineering, said during a phone conversation with CNET. "People don't... Read More »

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Funhouse of Horror 2012: Top 10 free scary games on (part 1)

It's the Halloween season, and has you covered with a collection of the greatest free horror games in our extensive (and unusual) catalog. If you're a fan of free games and/or horror, you've come to the right place. The games are in no particular order. Start with any one you feel like, or do a Halloween Gauntlet and run through them all in one night, alone in a dark room, with your back to an open... Read More »

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3 must-have freeware apps for multiple desktops

Users who are tired of running back and forth between multiple computers might want to give today's collection of freeware a look. First, we have two KVM switch replacements: Qsynergy, a more intuitive version of the popular Synergy; and Mouse without Borders, a quick and easy solution from Microsoft's Garage for sharing your keyboard and mouse.

A third alternative is Win Switch, a tool to share programs on multiple computers and unchain you from your desk.... Read More »

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More HTML5 deemed ready-to-use in Firefox 16

A new version of Firefox has landed today with a big change for Web developers who prefer the browser, while a large handful of HTML5 gets a green light for browser support from Mozilla.

Firefox 16 (download for Windows | Mac | Linux | Android) makes far fewer sweeping changes than the previous update to Firefox.

A number of HTML5 code has been "unprefixed," which means that Mozilla has decided it has matured enough to run in the... Read More »

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Lookout fires off Signal Flare in big update

Staying ahead of the curve has been a hallmark of Lookout Mobile Security (download), one of the few Android-only security companies to gain a loyal fanbase on Google's mobile platform, and today they've released a major update.

The key feature improvements in the refreshed Android app are a new feature for tracking lost phones with low battery and a dialer-scanner to prevent Dialer app attacks like the one that reared its head in September. The threat was no mere... Read More »

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Dress up your Web experience

Stylish is a Chrome extension that enables you to change and manage the way user style settings of a Web site are displayed. In other words, you can set the look and feel of a frequently visited Web site. Stylish will display the Web site with customized CSS settings that can do things like remove pieces of content, set different colors, or create a whole new experience in other ways.

Stylish is really simple to use: just install the extension, navigate... Read More »

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XMBC lets you customize mouse functions

From everyday office work to Web browsing or even casual gaming, (X-Mouse Button Control) (XMBC, but not to be confused with the open-source media-center software XBMC) lets you control your computer mouse like a hardcore gamer. With customizable mapping features and numerous profiles setup, X-Mouse Button Control lets you do so much more than your standard pointing and clicking.

Most modern PC games let you customize the mapping of your keyboard and mouse buttons,... Read More »

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Add tabs to Windows Explorer with QTTabBar

A little Internet Explorer shell named Netcaptor introduced tabbed browsing, and major players like Opera and Mozilla Firefox (and then Google Chrome) made the feature a default tool for surfing the Web. Even though Microsoft eventually added tabbed browsing to its own browser with Internet Explorer 7, the idea of tabs never really translated to Windows Explorer ... until QTTabBar.

QTTabBar is an extension that brings tab functionality to... Read More »

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Lookout now blocks Dialer exploits

Android fragmentation affects security patches, too. Instead of waiting to see which devices have been protected against a Dialer app vulnerability discovered earlier this week, Lookout Mobile Security (download) has stepped into the breach with a patch for it today. So far, it's the only known Android security app to block the exploit, but even Lookout's patch requires initial user input.

The vulnerability allowed some Samsung phones to be remotely wiped from the Dialer app, the "phone" part of... Read More »

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