Firefox flirts with Blekko for 'instant' search

Mozilla may not have a dedicated in-house search engine division the way that Google and Microsoft do, but it does have a new partnership with alterna-search Blekko.

The Blekko add-on (download), developed by Mozilla Labs' Prospector team, aims to cut down on the repetitive search behaviors of many Firefox users. Mozilla says that its research indicates that people often search for the same term, not because they're looking to find it again but because they're attempting to navigate elsewhere.... Read More »

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Tawkon: The Android app that detects radiation spikes

Buried deep in the pages of your cell phone manual is an often-ignored section on its Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), which is the measure of the amount of radio frequency (RF) energy (radiation) absorbed by the body when using your handset. Every phone is measured and rated, and in the U.S. and Canada, the maximum allowable SAR for any handset is 1.6 watts per kilogram. For our database of current cell phone SAR ratings, be sure to check out our... Read More »

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Freeware Friday: An arcade in your own home

Coin-ops are few and rare these days, but that doesn't mean that the memories and quarters spent are gone forever...well, maybe the quarters. In either case, this week's Freeware Friday involves dodging speeding tickets, pulling off 99-hit air combos, and dancing like it's a revolution. Sorry folks; accessories/fight sticks/steering wheels/dance pads not included.

Need for Speed World The Need for Speed series has been around for as long as I can remember. It's tackled just about every car racing scenario I could... Read More »

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Firefox gets a 'reset' button

Mozilla wants to cut down on the number of people who complain about Firefox not working properly, and they're giving you a one-click way to do it.

A new feature called Reset Firefox gives you the ability to "reset" the browser while keeping your personal data. Currently available in Firefox 13 beta for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the feature works by migrating your bookmarks, passwords, cookies, and form data to a new default profile. Then it kills off... Read More »

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When in Roamz, do as the locals do (exclusive)

Roamz, the "intelligent" local discovery app for iOS, has just made its way to Android, bringing its social-powered local content to a swath of new users. The Android app has the capabilities of Roamz 2.0 for iOS (released in March 2012), but of course, it's wrapped in the stylings of an Android app, with its main navigation up top.

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Is Chrome coming to iOS?

Apple's iOS will see a version of Google Chrome before the year's out, and possibly before the end of Q2 -- at least according to research firm Macquarie Group.

The equity research group claims that Chrome for iOS is due for several reasons, all of which can be summed up as part of the current "browser wars." These include Google's interest in reducing costs. It currently pays Apple for, among other things, each person using Google services in Apple's default... Read More »

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Chrome now syncs tabs to Android

As a warm-up for next month's Google I/O conference, the company has released an update to Chrome this morning that allows you to sync tabs across PCs and Android devices.

The option Other Devices is now available in the new Google Chrome 19 stable version for Windows (download), Mac (download), Linux (download).

The option is available at the bottom of your New Tab page, alongside the Recently Closed menu. When it synchronizes a tab, it includes that... Read More »

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Native Android Firefox finally beta-ready

Mozilla updated Firefox for Android beta (download) today with an interface and underlying code that have been in development since the end of 2011.

The new beta features are nearly the same as those in the current stable build of Firefox for Android, except that the browser now supports Adobe Flash. That's a notable difference from Chrome for Android beta and the default Android browser, although Firefox isn't the only Android browser to play Flash content on Web sites.

Download Get the Firefox beta for Android

However,... Read More »

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Download this, Mr. Jones

Numerous entertainers have had serious flirtations with digital distribution, but the band Counting Crows has taken its infatuation a step further -- straight into the BitTorrent universe. (Legally, that is.)

The Counting Crows BitTorrent bundle (download), released today, includes songs, art, and liner notes from their latest album Underwater Sunshine. It's available to torrent freaks everywhere -- with the approval of both the band and its label.

"I don't know why everybody's not doing it," said Counting Crows lead singer Adam... Read More »

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After rocking the eardrums of countless listeners on the Web and iOS, fan-favorite music-streaming app has made its way onto the Android platform.

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So far, for Android appears very much like its iOS counterpart, with its hypnotic, head-bobbing avatars, slick buttons, and familiar interface. It makes it easy to listen to tunes in one room... Read More »

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