5 steps to easy reading on your iPhone

Stop squinting your way through articles and emails.

Are you having trouble reading on your iPhone or iPad? Do you wish you could check your phone in bright light or in the dark and actually see something? The forthcoming Night Shift feature, currently in iOS 9.3 beta, aims to ease night reading by warming your display colors after sunset. While you wait for that release, here are five actions you can take right now to see text more clearly on your iPhone or iPad.


Adjust brightness

If you're in direct sunlight, it's often impossible to see much on your phone. To remedy this, head to Settings, then Display & Brightness. To adjust Brightness automatically, toggle Auto-Brightness on. To do it manually, drag the slider under Brightness from left to right.

Invert colors

If you're up late reading or texting in the dark, supported only by your device's bright blue background light, you'll quickly find yourself straining, even destroying your eyes. To ease your eye stress, tap General, then Accessibility, and then under Vision toggle Invert Colors to on.

Zoom in

To see everything larger, head to the Display & Brightness menu, tap the View field under Display Zoom, and choose Zoomed. If you want to see more content, choose Standard, but you'll have to sacrifice the more magnified view.

Increase text size

To enlarge text, tap Text Size and drag the slider to the right. Apps that support Dynamic Type -- where text responds when you modify your preferred text size in Settings -- will show text larger.

You can find even larger sizes in Accessibility Settings. Go to Settings, General, then Accessibility. Scroll down to and tap Larger Text. Toggle Larger Accessibility Sizes to on and then drag the slider below farther to the right.

Bold text

To bold text, under Display & Brightness, toggle Bold Text on. You'll have to restart your phone for this to take effect.

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