20 tools for back to school

Education can be expensive, but learning tools don't have to be. We've done the homework on apps and services to help you buy textbooks, take notes and voice recordings, research, create projects, quiz yourself, and block distractions. Enroll these 20 study aids to help you make the grade.

ShoppingAmazon Student

If you shop on Amazon, its $99 Prime service is a deal. And if you're in college, it's even better. Amazon has a... Read More »

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Intel debuts cool new tech at IDF

At the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco today, CEO Brian Krzanich had a lot more to show off than the CPUs and hardware that Intel is known for. With desktop PC sales flat at best for the past several years, Intel demonstrated that it's spreading into unexpected territory. The eclectic mix of prototypes and partnerships made for an interesting 90-minute presentation. It looks like Intel is preparing to go head-on against Qualcomm and ARM in the mobile space,... Read More »

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The YouTube Gaming app makes a play for your viewership

Note: Since this article was originally published, YouTube Gaming has officially launched, so note minor changes throughout the story.

Ever since Google failed to lure video game streaming platform Twich.tv away from Amazon, the search giant has been working on its own video streaming app for gamers, YouTube Gaming. Sign up for YouTube Gaming. We got our hands on the leaked creator preview of the Android build.

Keep in mind that the app is a work in progress,... Read More »

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Windows 10: even more of your questions answered

You've sent us dozens of Windows 10 questions in the past few weeks, and we have another round of answers to your troubles with storage, drivers, Cortana, and dual-booting.

Limited storage space

"I have an Asus Eeebook X205TA with a 32GB hard drive and Windows 8.1. The computer says that I have only 6.2GB free of 18GB total. Before I knew this, I tried downloading Windows 10 and it failed halfway due to what it said was lack of space. Any advice... Read More »

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Keep your Android phone secure

Read enough about Android security threats, and you might think that the safest thing is to turn off your phone, wrap it tightly in tinfoil, and hide it in your junk drawer. Hackers are stepping up their game -- Stagefright, the recently discovered platform vulnerability, exposes up to 95 percent of all Android devices to malicious attacks.

Mobile phones are attractive targets, getting more attractive as they become ever more functional. Phones keep financial information, details of our... Read More »

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A guide to Windows 10 security settings

By default, Windows 10 lets your PC do some things that you might not want it to do. We've walked you through its long list of privacy settings, and now we'll take a look at your system options for security issues like updates, Wi-Fi, antivirus protection, and data backup.

Accessing security settings in Windows 10

The easiest way to reach security settings is to press the Windows key and then click or tap Settings. If you've been to this section... Read More »

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How to stay secure on Facebook

Facebook creates the illusion that we are sharing posts and photos in a safe space, among friends and family. But in reality, if we're not careful, outsiders can swipe our personal info to gain access to our email, banking, and credit card accounts; to steal our identities; or even to spam and scam our friends. Follow these five steps to secure your sensitive info on Facebook.

Create strong passwords

Create a password that's hard to decipher and that you... Read More »

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How to protect your privacy on Facebook

Facebook encourages you to share your life. But you don't want an employer to see your crazy drunken selfie, and there are probably things you don't want all your friends to see either. Facebook offers a slew of privacy features to help keep you and your data safe from prying eyes, but it's up to you to take advantage of them. Here's how to control what friends, strangers, apps, and advertisers can see and share.

Restrict your... Read More »

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Windows 10 privacy settings

When you start Windows 10 for the first time, there's a point in the setup process where you choose your level of privacy. The installer encourages you to use the express settings instead of customizing. But the express path will give Microsoft and Windows 10 more info about you than you may be comfortable sharing -- such as how you browse the web, what websites you visit, which apps you use and how frequently you use them --... Read More »

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Google Photos goes it alone

Google's photo storage and editing tools are making the jump from the Google+ sidebar to their own app. Called Google Photos, the new app is part of Google's effort to sharpen the focus of its social network by uncoupling nonessential services.

For many users, the moves are welcome. At times it has seemed overbearing of Google to put the Google+ social layer over its consumer products, such as making you sign in to Google+ to upload or comment on YouTube... Read More »

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