Put Thunderbird to work

Put Thunderbird to work

The most recent update to the Mozilla Thunderbird (download for Windows or Mac OS X ) mail client shoves the former fledgling out of Mozilla's nest. The goal, if unstated, is clear: get as many people as possible to try the app, and hope that the appeal of a lighter client with similar power to Outlook and Outlook Express will pull some users away from Microsoft's ubiquitous software.

For home use, Thunderbird 2 should be a no-brainer. Many of the newer... Read More »

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One-stop Web design shop for Mac

One-stop Web design shop for Mac

Coding a Web site once you get past the idea phase is a complicated process. You have to manage several files for each page of your site, you need a solid text editor for actual coding, you may need a CSS editor, an Internet browser for previewing your work, and an FTP client once you're ready to transfer your files. Though I've done little in the way of actual Web design, my efforts have always required running several programs at once... Read More »

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PKWare offers SecureZip for free

Computer users may not be hitting any piñatas or streamers to celebrate security software publisher PKWare's 20th birthday, but the software-publisher is hoping that a free full-version giveaway of its security program SecureZip for Windows will make users grin all the same.

The Register reports that "the release of a free version of the product marks the 20th anniversary of the firm and comes at the start of the Infosec conference in London this week."

Best known by CNET Download.com users for... Read More »

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Put Google on steroids

Put Google on steroids

With dominating Web search and the increasingly popular Gmail service, Google's dominion grows larger each day. The company makes powerful search and e-mail apps, but it's never been known for front-end interfaces.

Luckily for you, free downloads for Google Web search and Gmail can help you customize Google services to look and work they way you want.

You likely already know about the major Google software--Google Toolbar (for Mozilla Firefox or IE), Google Desktop, Google Earth, and Google Talk--but the lesser-known utilities... Read More »

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Coop for Firefox imagines browser-based social networking

Coop for Firefox imagines browser-based social networking

Earlier this week, Mozilla Labs made news with its announcement of a social networking add-on called The Coop. According to the official post on the Mozilla Labs blog, The Coop is "a Mozilla Labs project to experiment with adding social tools to the Web browser." For those of us who know about Flock (download for Windows)--a Firefox-based browser with added "Web 2.0" features--that sounds like a very familiar concept. So what does it all mean for the future of Firefox... Read More »

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Roll your own Adobe CS3 for free, part 2

Roll your own Adobe CS3 for free, part 2

(Read about other alternatives for Adobe Creative Suite in the first part of Roll your own Adobe CS3 for free.)

Okay, so you can get the basic functionalities of Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Dreamweaver without the gut-punch to your wallet. What's that you say? How about Flash?

Synfig Studio is a great answer to the replace-Flash question. Like Flash, it's a 2D vector-based animation tool, and it's one of several programs I found that tries to conquer that particular... Read More »

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Roll your own Adobe CS3 for free

Roll your own Adobe CS3 for free

So, you need to finish up a design project that requires the image-editing capabilities of Photoshop along with the vectorized lines of Illustrator, and it needs to be animated in Flash with documentation in a PDF. However, you blew your budget on bling and a sweet alpaca-skin bongo set.

Take your head out of the microwave. There is indeed a way to save your project and your wallet from the $2,500 price tag of Adobe Creative Suite 3.... Read More »

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SpotDJ lets users spin tales

Bridging the gap between podcasting and music discovery is SpotDJ, a Web service and iTunes plug-in (download SpotDJ for Windows or Mac) that lets listeners record audio clips, or "spots," about their favorite songs or musical artists.

The site has the grassroots appeal of letting amateur DJs like Greg expound upon the libertarianism of Oingo Boingo while also providing inside information from artists themselves, from The Donnas to Taylor Hicks. I recently was lucky enough to be given a tour of... Read More »

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Software challenges in the Nokia N800

The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (including video review) represents the Finnish company's open-source commitment condensed into a shiny, high-end package. The device's clear resolution, generous screen size, and handy-dandy kickstand are a PDA dream, yet this is no PDA. It isn't even a phone.

At its core, the updated Internet Tablet is a good-looking portal for accessing the Internet, and a stage for Nokia's continued experiment in supporting open-source development on the Maemo platform. Since it's not a phone, the device... Read More »

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Leave the laptop behind with PortableApps

Most Webware.com readers who use Windows are familiar with two kinds of software: applications that run within the Windows framework, and Web-based applications. Using the former requires access to your own computer; using the latter requires password management and an Internet connection.

Now, the growing availability of software that runs off portable devices makes schlepping your laptop home for the holidays less of a necessity. PortableApps Standard Suite turns your memory device--iPod, Darth Vader Flash drive or even your digital camera's... Read More »

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