Democracy Player: First Look

Democracy Player, set to be renamed Miro with its next release, is an open-source video player that not only works for almost every type of video file out there, it also arranges vidcasts into "channels" to help keep them all organized. The channel guide creates automatic downloads of your favorite Web shows, from Ask a Ninja to National Geographic Wild.

Take a quick tour of Democracy Player with this First Look video.

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GOM Media Player, jockeying for your musical attention

GOM Media Player Pros: Wide media support, built-in screen capture tools Cons: No help manual, saving settings are a little weak Extras: Audio output options, subtitle support, skins

Numerous media players are jockeying to become the default setting for your music and video streams. Among the top audio contenders clamoring for your ear--among them RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, DivX Player, QuickTime, and WinAmp--GOM Media Player has stood out as a firm favorite.

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Power Downloader scans for system red flags

Power Downloader scans for system red flags

Power Downloader knows that regular maintenance for his PC is crucial to his continued success as an Internet superhero. If his computer is not in top working condition when on the tail of some infamous spammer, it can mean the difference between life and death. While the stakes might be higher for Power Downloader, he also knows that everyone should perform routine maintenance if they want their computer to continue working properly.

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First Look: Ad-Aware 2007

For its first major update in over two years, Lavasoft's Ad-Aware 2007 offers a redesigned interface and an overhauled detection engine, along with an enhanced Update Manager and a new Tracksweep feature that clears your browsing history for multiple applications with one click.

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Mac to Windows to Linux with only a click

Mac to Windows to Linux with only a click

With all the news this week surrounding the new Safari beta for Mac and Windows, it seems like a good time to bring up a program that strongly (and literally) links the two. The Intel-powered Macs have been running Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux for some time now with Apple's Boot Camp (updated recently). But one of the best programs on the market for switching between operating systems just got a full-point upgrade with Parallels Desktop 3.

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Windows Home Server RC1

Windows Home Server RC1

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a public beta release candidate for Windows Home Server, the home-networking software that Bill Gates first showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January.

The application for the release candidate requires filling out a simple survey that was only 10 questions for me. The beta-testing program has apparently been quite popular, so I'm not sure how much longer the application process will be open. According to the program information for Windows Home Server RC on the... Read More »

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Optimize your hard drive in three easy steps

Optimize your hard drive in three easy steps

I admit I'm a digital pack rat. I have a directory of images on my local drive devoted to LOLcats. I have gigabytes of FLAC files from live concert recordings and MP3 files from music sites such as CNET Music.

I'm good at regularly backing up my information to DVD and moving some files permanently to backups, but my 160GB hard drive is usually pushing full capacity. To keep my machine running at a speed I like (and deserve!), I... Read More »

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Will you use Safari?

Will you use Safari?

For those of us interested in software, the lack of an iPhone developer's kit announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday was a bit of a disappointment.

What we got instead was Safari for Windows, which is exactly what I don't need: another Web browser. When considered with the relaunch of Netscape Navigator last week, it's clear, however, that the battle for control of your browser is still a major front in the software wars.

Internet Explorer has reigned supreme since the dawn of the new century, while Mozilla... Read More »

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'Dance Dance Immolation': Burning up the dance floor, literally

Those schools that are using Dance Dance Revolution to get their kids into shape aren't the only ones who've found a great use for the game, but it's doubtful Dance Dance Immolation will ever make it to a gymnasium near you.

Created by Interpretive Arson, a fire-art group from Oakland, Calif., Dance Dance Immolation uses a freeware version of DDR melded to pilot lights, gallons of propane, and heat-resistant proximity suits. Instead of losing points, though, a single misstep gets... Read More »

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Earthcomber: Your smart phone marks the spot

I do not take directions lightly, primarily because if I did, I'd never get anywhere. For the woefully orientation-challenged (and easily frustrated) like me, legible maps and accurate instructions are crucial. Even more so is being able to access them from a PDA or smart phone when you're lost.

Thankfully, there's a proliferation of reliable mapping and GPS-locating software for mobile handsets, but today I'll focus on one that contains both downloadable and Web-based (WAP) components.

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