LimeWire: First Look

LimeWire is an extremely popular, peer-to-peer file-sharing program based on the Gnutella network. The version 4.0 series ups the ante with a combination of feature tweaks, an updated interface, and better all-around performance.

In this First Look video, take a quick tour of the app and learn how to screen out illegally shared content. {clear: both;} ... Read More »

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Avatars: Engineer the perfect digital you

In the cyberworld, Web customization is king--just as the millions of user-centric YouTube videos and MySpace Web pages attest. It's little wonder, then, that avatars, digital representations of you, are growing in function and form.

This collection of downloadable and Web-based avatar generators ranges from the more cartoon-like engines to three-dimensional architectures where users give life to their pint-size replicates. Be sure to tune into the video and photo gallery on my adventures with avatars, with CNET's Neha... Read More »

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In the spirit of my recently sworn allegiance to the powerhouse add-on Tab Mix Plus as the "best Firefox extension ever," I've created a resource guide for all of the features and options available in the Firefox add-on.

In a nutshell, Tab Mix Plus lets you customize nearly every detail of the appearance and behavior of your tabs without having to get into any of the about:config settings in Mozilla Firefox.

One important note: my Tab Mix Plus guide is based... Read More »

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Opera introduces Opera Mini 4 beta

What's the best way to improve mobile browsing? Make it as flexible and powerful as desktop browsing, only lighter. Opera, the Norwegian rival to Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, hopes to replicate the familiarity of the desktop experience with the latest version of its mobile browser, code-named Dimension. So far the response has been positive.

ZDNet's Mobile Gadgeteer, Matthew Miller, has an upbeat, detailed take on Opera Mini 4 beta, particularly its challenge to the iPhone's Web browser. The Opera Watch... Read More »

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Take control of Vista with Vispa

Is a 0.1 version release really worth looking at? I mean, don't these beta releases increase global warming by making my machine belch blue smoke? Maybe in some cases, but Vispa 0.1 is one program that gives you a clearer Vista.

It's a minuscule, butterfly-size program--weighing in at 63kb--but with a targeted punch to the heart of Windows Vista's control panel. In one simple interface, Vispa collates some of the most obscure Vista functions, heretofore accessible only through the Registry... Read More »

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A real page turner from Adobe

Someone was certainly following the KISS method when it came to designing Adobe's new electronic book reader, Adobe Digital Editions.

Adobe on Tuesday announced the release of Adobe Digital Editions 1.0 available for free download to Windows and Mac users.

The application provides a very basic and easy-to-navigate interface for storing, sorting, viewing and annotating digital text files along the lines of what Apple's iTunes does for audio and Google's Picasa for pictures.

The only main difference is that Adobe offers... Read More »

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Virtual desktop shuffle

The problem with your computer's display is largely a problem of real estate, the fact that despite any 3D graphical magic happening on screen, your computer screen can't easily escape its two-dimensional boundaries.

Virtual desktops step in to maximize your screen's surface area by multiplying the number of desktop environments at your disposal and then organizing them so you don't lose track. Like Firefox and Internet Explorer's tabbed browsing, virtual desktop managers often organize your multiple display screens in tabs or... Read More »

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Best Firefox extension ever

Best Firefox extension ever

Nearly every time I meet with a representative from one of the Web browsers, the questions of "Which browser do you use?" and "Why?" inevitably come up. The answer to the first is still Mozilla Firefox, like most people I know. The short answer to the second is "extensions," which is an easier way of saying "more functionality and personal customization."

The follow-up question is invariably, "What's your favorite extension?" and that's much harder, because it's not any one particular... Read More »

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Trillian critical security update released

Cerulean Studios on Monday released a "highly critical" security update for its Trillian multi-protocol chat software.

Attackers could exploit vulnerabilities in the character encoding for Trillian, the word-wrapping handling of UTF-8, the Unicode Transformation Format used for encoding characters in e-mail, instant messages and Web pages, iDefense Labs warned in its security advisory. The vulnerabilities potentially could affect earlier versions of the Trillian software as well, iDefense said.


Download: Trillian 3.1.6 for Windows

Trillian, which supports... Read More »

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Democracy Player: First Look

Democracy Player, set to be renamed Miro with its next release, is an open-source video player that not only works for almost every type of video file out there, it also arranges vidcasts into "channels" to help keep them all organized. The channel guide creates automatic downloads of your favorite Web shows, from Ask a Ninja to National Geographic Wild.

Take a quick tour of Democracy Player with this First Look video.

... Read More »

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