How to really delete a file in Windows

On modern PCs, a file doesn't actually go away when you hit the Delete key. The bits on your storage drive that represent that file simply get flipped to a hidden state, and they're tagged to be written over by other bits later. This requires less time and processing power than scrubbing every deleted file off your hard drive. Gradually, bits from other files overlap the old file and eliminate it. This process could take seconds or weeks, depending on... Read More »

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Windows 10: your questions answered

Try as we might, we can't anticipate every question about Windows 10, which. So we asked you, and you have delivered. We've answered as many as we can, though some things we just don't know yet. Keep sending your questions, and we'll post more answers. Our review of the operating system may also provide some answers.

Recording TV with Windows Media Center

"I have an HDHomeRun digital cable TV tuner. How will I be able to use... Read More »

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‚ÄčLocation Services 101

Many of your apps work -- or work better -- because of Location Services: maps, navigation, search, weather, ride services, photo geotagging, social media check-ins, and so on. However, you may also find Location Services invasive: burning up battery life, targeting you with local ads, or letting apps track you when you don't need or want them to. Uber, for example, has gotten flak for accessing users' location even when they're not using the app (it also wants... Read More »

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The best free alternatives to Windows 10's default apps

Windows comes with a number of default apps, which are handy if you need a quick way to open a file but vexing if you'd rather use your preferred apps. For example, when Windows 8 came out, it had a bad habit of opening full-screen apps every time you wanted to view an image, listen to an MP3, watch a video, or read a PDF, and there wasn't a clear way to exit the app. You probably also want better... Read More »

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Send us your Windows 10 questions

Windows 10 will be released to retail on July 29, giving us just a week and a half until takeoff. It's a big deal for Microsoft, which hopes to get this OS on about 1 billion devices in the next few years, starting by making Windows 10 free to Windows 7 and 8.1 home users until July 29, 2016. Because of that, we expect wide adoption this time -- so covering the story correctly is a big deal... Read More »

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Should you get Windows 10?

Windows 10 is coming on July 29, and it's going to be free for most home users of Windows 7 and 8.1 until July 2016. But while a legitimately free copy of Windows is pretty enticing, upgrading isn't the best move for everyone. You may recall that Windows Vista had some compatibility woes, largely due to how other software detected the version of the operating system. Depending on the vintage of your PC and how you use it, upgrading your... Read More »

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Windows 10 in a nutshell

Tech media has been mining Windows 10 for stories since the operating system was announced in September 2014, and now we have enough material for a ten-part PBS documentary. If you want the full story, click here for the review of Windows 10. Otherwise, here's the short trailer for that documentary: seven things you need to know about Microsoft's most ambitious Windows yet.

1. Windows 10 is a free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1. Until July 29, 2016,... Read More »

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How to disable the Adobe Flash browser plug-in

Flash has been found to have multiple zero-day security flaws, which Adobe has been hurriedly patching. But Mozilla Firefox is currently blocking Flash in response, and Facebook's security chief is calling for an end to Flash altogether. If you really want to keep using Flash, update it immediately. But it might be a better idea to go into your desktop browser settings and shut down this media streaming tool, at least for now. Devices... Read More »

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First look: OS X El Capitan public beta

The waiting is the hardest part, and Apple knows it. Which may be why the company is making available a public beta of its next major update to OS X, named El Capitan, in anticipation of its final release this fall.

Apple first gave us a glimpse of El Capitan in June at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference and this month offered a prerelease version to the public, allowing users to check out the progress of the upcoming OS.... Read More »

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A gamer's guide to online security

When you're trying to level up, you want to think about the game and not about protecting your personal information. So secure your account first and then go to war with a little peace of mind.

First, follow general online security best practices: keep your OS, browser, and antivirus software up-to-date. Second, protect your personal information. Trend Micro has a handy security checklist for gamers, including tips that are useful for any online account, like not sharing your passwords... Read More »

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