Apple's fall lineup

In San Francisco this morning, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone 6s, updates to the Apple Watch, a new Apple TV, and a wide-body tablet named the iPad Pro. With the new electronics comes new software, including iOS 9 and WatchOS 2 (both due September 16), El Capitan (possibly coming September 30), and TvOS and an app store for Apple TV (October). Apple's fall line highlights the path the company hopes to take into the living room and... Read More »

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A guide to Microsoft Edge

In Windows 10, Microsoft has replaced Internet Explorer 11 with Microsoft Edge, initially known as Project Spartan. (While IE 11 is no longer the default browser, it's still present in the background, because many applications still use parts of it, and it's deeply integrated into many business operations.) Edge is great but missing a couple pieces: it doesn't support Chrome and Firefox extensions yet (it will soon), and it has some limitations... Read More »

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Install Windows 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp

Really, you don't have to choose. With Apple's Boot Camp, you can run Microsoft Windows 10 and OS X Yosemite or later on your Mac, turning your machine into a dual-boot Windows/OS X system.

Boot Camp sets up a partition on your Mac's hard drive and installs Windows in the partition. Then you can switch between the two systems by rebooting into whichever one you want.

That's the catch: you have to restart your... Read More »

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Twitter privacy and security tips

Twitter is meant to be a public forum, but even so there are things you want to keep private, and there are security risks you should be aware of. Before you tweet again, learn how to secure your account and protect your privacy on Twitter.

Create a secure log-in

To protect your Twitter account, start with a secure password. Check out our guide to creating strong passwords. To change your password, sign in to and click the Profile and... Read More »

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Transfer files to your Windows 10 PC with a free tool

If you get a new Windows 10 PC, how do you move files from your old computer that's running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7? Microsoft has one answer, a software utility called PC Mover Express, which Microsoft (in partnership with LapLink) is offering for free until August 31, 2016.

Ordinarily PC Mover Express costs $30. The utility uses your local network, wired or wireless, to migrate your data over to a new PC, and you don't have to... Read More »

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Windows 10 tips and tricks

Millions of users have upgraded to Windows 10, and now the challenge is figuring out how to use it. Microsoft's flagship operating system combines elements of both Windows 7 and 8.1 but adds a few new places and interfaces as well. To check your network connections, for example, or to see a list of installed programs, the route may be unfamiliar. So if you're lost in Windows 10 right now, let us draw you a map.

Navigate the... Read More »

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Apps to kick off your fantasy football season

Why pay $1 billion for an NFL team? With a handful of friends, colleagues, or total strangers, plus an app or two, you can form a fantasy football league and draft players, make trades, and grumble about your commissioner as you pace around your owner's suite (aka your den).

Getting started

In fantasy football, you draft players, set a lineup for the week's games, and win points based on how your roster performs -- points scored, yards gained, sacks made,... Read More »

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First look: iOS 9

Apple's iOS 9 is due this fall, and you can expect some new features like News, but mostly the release will bring much-desired enhancements. To preview the update, you need an iPhone 4S or later, an iPad 2 or later, an iPad Air, or an iPad Mini, and then you can download the iOS 9 beta (be sure to create an iTunes backup, in case something goes awry or you want to revert to iOS 8.4). Read on... Read More »

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Intel talks cybersecurity at IDF

At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco this week, Christopher Young, general manager of the Intel Security Group, gave a talk on cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to Internet connectivity for things that don't usually have them, like refrigerators, cars, and thermostats. Intel estimates that there will be 50 billion of these devices around the world by 2020, and the company is creating a security model to keep your personal data safe and... Read More »

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Back-to-school security

As you prepare for the start of the school year, make security part of your planning. Unattended laptops and phones, unsecured Wi-Fi connections, and lost credit cards offer plenty of opportunities for thieves and hackers to steal your property, data, and money. Safeguard your stuff with these five security tips.

Set up remote location

You've spent a fortune on that laptop, tablet, and smartphone, so it'd be a shame to lose any of them to misplacement or theft. If you own... Read More »

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