Speed up Google search in Firefox

Quiz time: What do CustomizeGoogle, GooglePreview, and McAfee SiteAdvisor have in common?

Answer: The ability to improve on Google search in the Firefox browser. For example, does this scenario sound familiar: You accidentally click on a sponsored link and have to return to the main results page to try again?

How about this one: You wasted 10 minutes clicking through search results because you can't remember the link by name, but think you can identify it by sight... Read More »

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Two critical holes plugged in Thunderbird

Mozilla pushed out an update to its e-mail client Thunderbird today. The update, for both Windows and Mac versions, corrects two potential exploits. Centered around Newsgroup functionality and an obscure UTF-8 hyperlink spoof, they could've allowed an attacker to execute arbitrary code.

A spate of bug fixes, memory leaks, and other less severe tweaks were addressed, too. The full changelog can be read here.

... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: PaltalkScene

PaltalkScene's integration of video, audio, and text chatting unified into one window makes for a strong chatware program that includes a wealth of features.

Parental controls employ a password to change settings or block groups; adult content is hidden by default and all rooms are moderated. Add in the room ratings of G, R, and A, and safe chatting is a cinch. Right-clicking a person's name gives a user-defined amount of personal information, with private room invite and file... Read More »

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uTorrent for Mac leaked

A pre-release alpha version of a Mac version of uTorrent, the popular BitTorrent client for Windows, has been leaked to the public.

Available from the Swedish torrent Web site The Pirate Bay, the Cocoa-based client has been expected since 2006 when BitTorrent bought uTorrent and promised to develop a Mac version. There was little said since then, until this past August when uTorrent developer Greg Hazel announced that a Mac version would be ready ''in a few weeks,''... Read More »

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Choose wisely when resizing

Image resizing should be a simple problem to solve, except that it seems like everybody and their dog--sorry, cat-lovers--has a lightweight, freeware image editor out there. For example, there's Image Resizer. The name is simple, the installer weighs in at a rail-thin 357 KB, and it's free. Can't argue with that, right?

Except that it barely works, at least when I tested it. The interface would be fine, back when Windows 3.1 was new. It's nothing less than a... Read More »

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Last Lightning before the big boom

The Lightning add-on for the open-source e-mail client Thunderbird (for Windows and Mac) updates officially to Version 0.9, and Mozilla promises that it will be the last one before it's rolled into Thunderbird 3.0.

This update doesn't introduce quite as many new features as the last one did, but there are still plenty of major changes. Interface enhancements include a visual indicator for events that span multiple days, an overhaul of both the "minimonth" calendar in the upper... Read More »

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Rider 8 Tools: Super-search your documents

If you've ever wasted time scouring a long document for every place a specific phrase appears, or worse, have had to look for that phrase in more than one document, you need Rider 8 Tools ($19.95), a slim but powerful search application that finds multiple terms in multiple files within any set of parameters you throw at it.

For instance, if you need to see every time the term "business plan" shows up within three words of "market growth"... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: Returnil Virtual System

Returnil Virtual System is an interesting compliment to your PC's security system, but it's not glitch-free.

The software creates a new partition on your system's hard drive, and then mirrors it. It acts as an isolated work environment that protects your actual system by preventing downloads and such from accessing it. Instead, anything created in this pocket of your drive--this virtual partition--is erased when you reboot. Since toggling the protection requires a reboot, Returnil isn't as simple as running a... Read More »

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Take a 'byte' out of malware

I just took a look at Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and it's a worthwhile security application. Some users and reviewers even think it's the best free malicious-software-only engine out there, and it's true that it has a lot going for it.

Surprisingly effective, it's a relatively speedy malicious software remover, with the quick scan taking about 10 minutes. The heuristics engine proved on multiple computers during empirical testing that it was capable of determining the difference between false positives and threatening dangers.... Read More »

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Real Deal podcast on bandwidth caps

If Comcast's October 1 start date for their bandwidth cap has you rushing to fire up your torrent client, take a listen to today's CNET's Real Deal podcast. CNET TV Editor Tom Merritt, Webware Editor Rafe Needleman, and I discuss what the bandwidth cap means (hint: it's not a hat), why it's happening now, and what you can do to keep track of your data usage.

If you're interested in the programs we talk about, they can be found in... Read More »

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