First Look video: Google's new BlackBerry app

If you missed last week's news about Google's feature-honing update for its native BlackBerry app, here's your chance to see it in action.

As part of a few well-appointed changes, the new Google Mobile App for BlackBerry does away with its predecessor's penchant for hogging space on the home screen and has rearranged its resources to pack a greater wallop with search. Tune into the video to see what we mean.

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Featured Freeware: CinemaForge

This combination video-conversion and creation tool boasts good speed and a nice set of features. CinemaForge's polished interface is both handsome and rather simple to understand, the Tom Cruise of software if he weren't into Scientology.

As a video converter, the application supports all expected formats. You also can choose to accompany any video with audio files of your choice rather than the original sound. When you click the digital-camera icon next to the File Input box, you'll be able... Read More »

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Don't shoot Microsoft's new Messenger

If you're an avid Windows Live Messenger user, now's the time to convince your friends to make the switch to the new Windows Live Messenger beta. If they don't, you'll be wondering what the hubbub is about.

Unveiled on Wednesday, the new beta offers a bundle of fun, fresh features, the best of which can be taken advantage of only when you're chatting with another beta user. As a beta, there are a few known bugs, and probably more to... Read More »

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AtomicView processes media quickly

If you have a lot of media to browse through, no matter what viewer you use, it's bound to take some time. Whatever the project may be--from picking the best shots from a pro photo shoot to getting the most action-packed movie clips from a birthday party--you need a good way to browse, compare, and sort through your media quickly. The obvious choices on your Mac are iPhoto or iMovie, but if you're looking for a different way to sort... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: Me.dium

Me.dium is a free social networking tool for Firefox and Internet Explorer with a twist. It lets you browse the Internet alongside your friends, and even make new ones.

The interface is modern without being obnoxious. A sidebar and a toolbar appear in your browser window. The top panel of the sidebar is a map that lets you view what sites your friends are visiting. The bottom panel of the sidebar lets you view your friends profiles and send... Read More »

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Full review: Yahoo OneConnect for iPhone

Updated September 17, 2008, at 8:03 am PT.

Yahoo's OneConnect for iPhone is a strange compilation. More complicated in construct than an instant messenger application, OneConnect has worked in elements of social networking and contact management, to mixed results. We CNET Editors have found its content-loading and refreshing laggy, its social networking capabilities limited, and its ideas about storing and managing messages and contacts odd. Yet, OneConnect has potential as a broader communications application, and it's refreshing to see an iPhone... Read More »

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Chromium via Wine lacks polish and more

CodeWeavers have successfully ported a build of Chromium, Google Chrome's codebase, to non-PowerPC Intel Macs using Wine. Unfortunately, it's incredibly buggy, and while it proves that Chrome can eventually run on the Mac, CrossOver Chromium is more about demonstrating the utility of Wine than creating an effective version of Chrome for the Linux and Mac platforms before Google does.

In fact, in the CrossOver Chromium FAQ, that's precisely what CodeWeavers states: "This is just a proof of concept, for fun,... Read More »

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Improved Google MyLocation: You are here

Updated at 12:30 p.m. on September 9, 2008 with more details about Google Maps' location accuracy.

This week, Google's mobile team let loose with an updated version of MyLocation, a feature of Google Maps that geolocates your position based on cell-tower triangulation. It fixes a minor, but distinct drawback: an overly generous target.

MyLocation, which launched about a year ago, was the first implementation of its kind we've seen for a mobile app, and it gave a taste of GPS to... Read More »

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Yahoo's Blueprint yields a Buzz

Updated at 11:50 am on 9/16/08 to clarify the role of Blueprint.

Yahoo isn't wasting time advertising Blueprint, the seasoned mobile development platform that received renewed attentions in San Francisco last week at CTIA 2008. On Tuesday, the company released the most recent fruit of Blueprint's labor, a widget for the mobile application Yahoo Go (review) that peddles Yahoo Buzz, its Digg-like social news service.

From the Yahoo Buzz widget, social newshounds can access a summary of top stories voted on... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: Spyware Terminator

This spyware scanner and removal tool does the job, but enabling some functions may cause slight slowdowns and last I looked, it still had some bugs in Vista.

Spyware Terminator's crisp, clean interface uses simple buttons and tabs to operate and set options. The latest spyware signatures are automatically downloaded, and the real-time protection keeps baby-sitting to a minimum. Real-time protection monitors key spyware types and Windows objects, though slight system slowdowns depend on your machine. Those features and the... Read More »

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