Featured Freeware: CustomizeGoogle

Google has long been one of the most useful tools on the Net, but frequent search engine users may find that they can make it even more efficient. CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension that adds options to an ordinary Google search, providing additional links to sources such as Yahoo, Wikipedia, or MSN. Depending on the specifics of the search, results might also include links to movie, music, or book search engines.

It's hard not to like the link to the... Read More »

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Quick crops and image resizing

For making color corrections, printing, managing photo albums, or any of 100 other routine image-editing tasks associated with digital photography, commercial programs like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop Pro are great solutions. But if you just need to resize and crop your personalized South Park character image to fit on your Facebook or MySpace page, a simpler option is in order.

Luckily, there are a variety of free and easy ways to crop and resize your digital photographs. One of the... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: Everything

Everything is a small software application that bypasses Windows search with a lightning quick interface and real-time results. It hits all of the files and folders in your local hard drive, or you can specify any subsection of it. The software doesn't do much more than search, but its efficiency, effectiveness, stability, and low system resource usage make it a keeper utility.

The software is split into two main controls: the search box and the results page. When you first... Read More »

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GIMP adds tools, tweaks UI, integrates GEGL

Several major changes have been implemented in the latest upgrade to the open-source freeware called The GNU Image Manipulation Program. Known as The GIMP, these changes include some midlevel user interface adjustments and improvements to several tools. Version 2.6.0 is also the first release that attempts to integrate GEGL, a graph-based image processing framework that allows for non-destructive image editing.

The GEGL integration is mostly a back-end change with a tentative implementation. In other words, the bugs are not... Read More »

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Tidy Mail, StripMail get the >#! out of your e-mail

My colleague Peter Butler recently wrote about Everything, a small, ancient-looking app that searches your files and folders with real-time results. He asked what other tiny but mighty apps you use day-to-day, and two of you responded with Tidy Mail and StripMail, both petite programs that are used to erase funky formatting and characters from e-mail messages, mostly forwarded.

Surely these stand-alone desktop applications are far too pass? to remain useful? Yes and no. StripMail and Tidy Mail... Read More »

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OpenOffice 3 almost ready for business

Open-source freeware alternative to Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org, has released the third release candidate of its next major-point upgrade for Windows and Mac. The full version of OpenOffice.org 3 is due next week, so it's extremely doubtful there will be any major changes from this point on.

While Sun Microsystems is making sure that all its T's are crossed and I's are dotted, OpenOffice 3 Release Candidate 3 offers quite a few new features, including much-needed support for Office... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: Memeo Share

Sharing photos is what we all want to do, but the number of ways to get it done can be overwhelming. For users who want to keep their photos in a small, private circle, don't always want to access a Web site to get their sharing on, or for those who want or need to keep their Web use to a minimum, Memeo Share might be your solution.

Driven by a user-friendly setup wizard, Memeo Share lets you sync files... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: ExtractNow

ExtractNow could use a bit of sprucing up. The dead-simple and cheetah-quick installation brings you to an expanse of white that sits on top of four buttons. That's it. It's not an interface that sells the feature set, but it's the features that you're going to be most interested in.

The program should appeal to users who handle a high volume of archives, because all it does is extract archive contents. The four buttons, Settings, History, Clear, and Extract,... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: AceMoney Lite

The financial implosion that we've been warned about for years is upon us, so there's no time like the present to grab a hold of a piece of freeware to manage your cash flow. Even it flows more like a glacier--pre-global warming, of course--AceMoney Lite will help you keep track of home and small-business expenses.

All commands are accessible from buttons within the interface, as well as in the menus. The program performs all types of calculations, downloads the... Read More »

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Cram for tests on your iPhone

Add "study guide" to the long list of tricks you can do with your iPhone. Cram ($9.99) is a solid application that lets you create and import tests on any topic. You'll be able to take scored multiple choice quizzes or go into study mode, in which Cram provides you with a series of digital flash cards. Cram will flash the question and you decide with a click when the answer appears.

Cram is fairly simple to use, but there... Read More »

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