Featured Freeware: Capture .NET

This all-in-one freebie isn't my most beloved freeware, but it's something that may appeal to users who want desktop-enhancement and system-management tools packed into one program. Capture .NET's translucent interface houses a clock, calendar, a screen-capture tool, file converter, and a privacy eraser. Amazingly, this chock-a-block application only eats up a small amount of memory and is portable, running from an EXE file.

Capture .NET's system-tray icon displays the current date and zodiac sign. You can view a lunar... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: MSKeyViewer Plus

MSKeyViewer Plus retrieves full product-key information for numerous licensed applications, and it does it with a fair bit of style.

The program's GUI is simple but elegant, with clearly labeled buttons that should leave you with no question about how to use it. Granted, there's very little to do--open the program and all your licensed programs are shown in one of the two tabs. Programs are listed in a tree format, and it's easy to drill down to the details.... Read More »

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At last, BS.Player is free--again

There's a Democrat heading to the White House and the BS.Player is a rising star. What year is this again?

OK, so the BS.Player doesn't stretch as far back as the Clinton administration. It was introduced to the public in 2001, and more importantly, around 18 months after developer WebTeh bundled adware with the program back in early 2007, they've finally removed it. Once again, the BS.Player is a viable freeware video playback choice. Except now it's got... Read More »

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iPhone apps of the week

I hate to start off this week's post with a another pet peeve I have, but I must say something about a problem I have with the iPhone/iTunes marriage. As always, please let me know if I'm missing something that might help my problem in the comments!

My question is this: Why can't I buy an app from the app store through iTunes on any computer and download it to my iPhone?

Understandably, I synced my iPhone to my home computer... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: FreeMind

Like all mind maps, FreeMind for Windows and Mac gives you the flexibility to organize thoughts on a page as they connect to each other and to the larger picture. After all, not all minds reason in subheadings and bullet points. You shape, place, and name that master idea--called the root node in FreeMind--then create child or sibling spokes that relate to it.

FreeMind encompasses a fine range of features, including scads of icons and color formatting options to... Read More »

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Meebo IM goes native on Google Android--poorly

Meebo for Google Android is not a terrible instant-messaging application. But it isn't a very good representation of what IM clients for the Android platform can do, or even a good representation of what Meebo itself can do.

In this first release, the free Meebo mobile application lets you chat with friends on the major IM networks--Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, AOL, ICQ, Jabber, and Google Talk. It also runs in the background while you work on other applications and scrolls... Read More »

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Songbird taxis to the runway

Music jukebox and Web browser mash-up Songbird has begun to pull away from the beta gate. In its first release candidate for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the Gecko-powered browser aimed at audio junkies locks down a final list of features.

The improvements over the previous release, version 0.7, make changes both important and minor. Absolutely the most noticeable is that the program runs and feels faster. Responsiveness had been an issue, too, but this release candidate marks... Read More »

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CNET TV: See which tab you're switching to

One of the most useful hot-key commands in Firefox is Ctrl+Tab. Unlike the Alt+Tab hot-key combo for Windows, which lets you jump from program to program in an interface based on the program's icon, the browsing tab switcher has never had a graphic interface--until now.

In this CNET TV Quick Tip, Molly Wood shows you the new tab switching GUI (graphical user interface) that's coming in Firefox 3.1. It's only in beta now, so if you're not comfortable installing unstable... Read More »

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My favorite iPhone brainteasers

I'll admit that I'm more into puzzles and brain games than I am into, say, poker. Don't get me wrong. iPhone poker is cool, but the word game Wurdle is the one I can't put down as I nearly miss my bus stop.

In Wurdle ($1.99), you drag your finger in any direction over adjacent letters in a grid to form as many words as you can before time runs out. The grid size, word length, game duration, dictionary, and... Read More »

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YouMail: How about a voice mail secretary?

How would you like to have your own secretary for taking and delivering voice messages? It sure beats slogging through your phone's voice mail menu, especially if you're short on time or if you want to quickly refer to a saved message.

YouMail's new transcription service, launched from beta on Thursday, adds a (premium) human touch to its otherwise free "visual voice mail" service. In addition to receiving automated transcriptions of cell phone voice messages online, YouMail users can... Read More »

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