Bambuser takes on Qik's live mobile broadcasting

If Bambuser's mobile live broadcasting app sounds familiar, it's because it's trying to unseat Qik.

As one of the companies presenting at Wednesday's Under the Radar conference in Mountain View, CA, Bambuser is trying to convince investors and future partners to propel their business forward. Like Qik, Bambuser broadcasts the contents of your view finder from your mobile phone, which viewers can watch live online. Also like Qik, Bambuser viewers can chat with the filmmaker when the video is... Read More »

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DialPlus: Almost mobile caller ID on-the-fly

DialPlus was one of more original start-ups presenting this morning at Under the Radar in Mountain View, Calif.

DialPlus is a native mobile app that pulls visual information from the Web before, during, or after a call to your Internet-ready mobile phone. When a friend calls you, for instance, you'll be able to see some social networking information. If you call a business, its Web site details should surface.

While it's not listed as a criterion, the app... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: Titlebar Ticker

If you don't want to spend a lot of time checking your RSS newsreader for updated feeds, you can do it on the fly with this application, which places a headline ticker at the top of the currently active window in addition to offering the standard reader.

Titlebar Ticker places a relatively unobtrusive bar at the top of your active windows frame that clearly indicates when fresh content arrives. A neat mouseover feature opens a second tier with the news... Read More »

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Insider Secrets: Free up disk space on Vista

If you're already starting to eye those pre-Black Friday deals on hard drives and you're running Windows Vista, you might want to step away from that credit card for just a moment. CNET TV Editor Brian Tong has some excellent hints on how to clear out clutter from your hard drive.

In the video, he recommends TreeSize for quickly analyzing the contents of your drive and subfolders. It's a good program, but if you're looking for something with a bit... Read More »

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CNET TV: Sneak a peek at Windows 7

Take a first look at Windows 7. Building on Windows Vista, Microsoft's latest operating system isn't due until some time in 2009, most likely around the holidays.

However, this alpha build that we've gotten our hands on is surprisingly stable for what it is. CNET Editor Rob Vamosi shows you what Windows 7 can do, what it can't, and talks briefly about whether it's worth waiting to upgrade from XP.

... Read More »

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Opera Mini 4.2 beta is a mini update

With so much energy and progress in the mobile browser space these past two months (see here and here), you would expect the makers of the venerable Opera Mini browser to release an update that makes real progress on its free browser for Java phones.

Instead, on Tuesday, Norway-based Opera Software pushed a mini update (download) that tacks on one syncing function, an assortment of skins worthy of Apple's iPod bonanza, and a wobbly kluge for introducing video... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: Password Prime

Password Prime's straightforward user interface is the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality. It proves that you don't need a lot of fancy buttons to get the job done.

Large, self-explanatory command buttons dominate the program's interface. There's a button for adding new username, password, and Web site information, a button for editing the entry, and a button for deleting the entry. You'll also find a series of buttons for copying the username and password information. We quickly jumped in... Read More »

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First Look video: FaceCall for iPhone

Part speed dial, part icon-maker, FaceCall for iPhone ($2.99) is personalized productivity at its best.

Following the app's step-by-step directions, you'll be able to create unlimited photo icons to dial your contacts with a tap. If your address book is extensive, a speed-dial app like this one saves you time. Even if it's fairly manageable, FaceCall is a fun way to dot your home screen with the faces most important to you.

Check out this First Look video to preview FaceCall... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: Read It Later

This Firefox extension should appeal to anybody trying to minimize bookmark and open tab clutter. Read It Later gives you a one-click option for saving the links and keeping track of which ones have been read. It also now sports deep integration with Google Reader, adding little check marks next to blog posts. Clicking one lets you mark it to read later on.

When you first start the extension, it will prompt you to install the two Toolbar buttons that... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: Capture .NET

This all-in-one freebie isn't my most beloved freeware, but it's something that may appeal to users who want desktop-enhancement and system-management tools packed into one program. Capture .NET's translucent interface houses a clock, calendar, a screen-capture tool, file converter, and a privacy eraser. Amazingly, this chock-a-block application only eats up a small amount of memory and is portable, running from an EXE file.

Capture .NET's system-tray icon displays the current date and zodiac sign. You can view a lunar... Read More »

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