First Look video: Art Text

This low-cost graphics app makes creating Web buttons, banners, and stylized text easy. With tons of premade templates and samples to get you started, Art Text lets you spend your time fine-tuning your work instead of starting from scratch. When you're done, you can export your work in several formats, letting you put the final touches on your design in your favorite graphics or image-editing program.

Still not convinced? Then check out this First Look video of Art Text for Mac... Read More »

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First Look video: TuneWiki for Google Android

Given that TuneWiki was one of the 10 top winners in Google's Android Challenge, it's no surprise we're taken by its originality and ambition.

The free music application for Google Android not only plays your media, but it also helps build your library with songs and YouTube music videos. An additional search for streaming lyrics attempts to get you singing the right words at the right time.

TuneWiki doesn't ace everything it sets out to do, but if you're willing to give... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: RiverGate RSS Reader

Looking for a simple-to-use, quick-performing RSS feed reader? This pared-down freebie may fit the bill.

RiverGate RSS Reader isn't fancy and lacks extras that, admittedly, some of its free competitors offer. So why bother with it? For one, using it is as smooth and zippy as other readers can be sluggish. It offers the basics in the familiar three-pane e-mail client interface that so many feed readers rely on. It comes preloaded with a variety of security-related feeds, plus one... Read More »

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The Filter returns with a wider net

We last took a look at the iTunes plug-in The Filter way back in 2006, so it's high time to see what this alternative to the Genius playlist is up to. Of course, when it first came out there was no Genius playlist, nor a Mac version--now that there's both, does it hold up?

Certainly the most obvious benefit is that although you do need to register to use the playlist, you don't need to hand over your... Read More »

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Quick Tip: Customize your Windows Vista cursor

If desktop eye candy never gets too sweet for your tastes, you may already know about CursorFX.

The free cursor-enhancing tool that used to be known as CursorXP keeps polishing its cursor choices and effects to bring interest to your screen. CNET Executive Editor Molly Wood talks you through CursorFX in this Quick Tip video.

P.S. It also glorifies plain pointers for Windows XP.

... Read More »

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Explore the Web from China--without leaving home

It slows down your browsing. It makes some Web sites inaccessible for no discernible reason. It doesn't even offer you any xiao long bao or pu'er tea for your troubles. But if you want to know what life behind the Great Firewall of China is like, then the Firefox plug-in China Channel is the cheapest and fastest way to experience using the Internet in China without actually being there.

After installation, getting to experience Web surfing the way... Read More »

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Gmote for Android gets Mac and PC music going

If you want to hear songs on your Google Android phone, open up the default player or pull up TuneWiki. If you want to hear songs play on your computer without ever putting down the Google Android phone, get Gmote.

Gmote is a free application that turns your Google Android phone into a remote control to pick, play, and pause music and videos on your Mac or PC. Not to be confused with the Firefox extension gMote ("g" as in... Read More »

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Featured Freeware: WinSecret

UPDATED: There are 12 categories in WinSecret, not eight.

Novice users get a helping hand with this freeware tool for easily tweaking Windows. WinSecret's simple multimenu interface logically arranges the program's many tweaks into 12 categories. The Help file spends more time explaining installation than program operation, but the tweaks presented are organized better than in many similar applications.

Each of the categories includes tabs for general tweaks and extra tabs for tweaks that restrict functions and tools. Keeping the restrictions... Read More »

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Mind maps: See a different way to think

When you're wedged next to someone at a conference, you can't help noticing their business from the corner of your eye. That's how I saw that my seat mate at last week's BlackBerry Developer Conference was using FreeMind (for Windows and Mac) to take notes on the talk.

I've looked at the freeware application FreeMind before, but had never seen it in the wild. I have to admit, compared with my two pages of linear notes organized primarily by... Read More »

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This Buddi needs to be friendlier

Buddi is a finance managing program that's poised with potential. Open source and free, it offers an extensible experience for both Windows and Mac users that's wrapped up in a simple tabbed interface. As they say in the money biz, it looks great on paper.

The application can create new accounts from four credit types--cash, checking, investment, and savings--and five debit types--credit card, liability, line of credit, loan, and prepaid account. Users can create their own account types,... Read More »

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