Wunder Radio reaches out to Windows Mobile

There's no shortage of streaming radio apps for mobile phones, but lately it seems that far more have been readied for the iPhone than for Windows Mobile. On Thursday, Wunder Radio (download), already a popular iPhone radio app, also became available for Windows Mobile phones.

It may not be the prettiest radio app out there, but Wunder Radio packs in a ton of stations provided by Radio Time, around 36,000. The stations span everything from talk radio and... Read More »

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LimeWire strives for relevancy by tapping Web 2.0

Despite intense popularity of the BitTorrent system, Gnutella clients aren't dead yet. LimeWire 5 for Windows, Mac, and Linux keeps its hand in the file-sharing pot by borrowing your Google contacts to create a friend network and a snazzy redesign that surfaces the most important information first.

If you're not a fan of the Gnutella file-sharing protocols, I doubt this will be enough to grab your eye. Torrents run faster, depending on the number of seeders, and torrent... Read More »

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WireTap Studio taps into audio

Playing with sound files is something not all of us aspire to do in any greater detail than clicking "Buy Now" in iTunes. But this is one of those cool Mac niches that is filled with possibilities you might not have thought about before.

For instance, have you ever wished you could easily record a phone call for a job interview? How about automatically record your favorite radio program from the Internet, even if it's on in the middle of the... Read More »

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Why wait for Windows Mobile 6.5?

The enhanced usability features of Windows Mobile 6.5 (coverage) may not be available for a few months yet, but that doesn't mean you have to wait for Microsoft's newly announced mobile operating system to start sampling some of its new features. There are a couple of similar applications that are available now.

Instead of twiddling your thumbs over the new MyPhone service--which will back up your phone's contacts, photos, and texts--you can sign up for Dashwire (download). Dashwire's free... Read More »

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Google's Mobile App comes to Windows phones

Windows Mobile owners tired of opening their browsers every time they want to start a Google search can now put that habit to rest. On Wednesday, Google released a version of Google Mobile App for Windows Mobile phones (rate it here).

On Microsoft's mobile platform, the free, native application installs a home screen plug-in from which you can launch a handful of Google's mobile services. About two thirds of Google Mobile App is dedicated to its search field.... Read More »

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Get out of the Gmail loop

A recent update to a popular Firefox plug-in breaks Gmail, but fortunately the fix is simple.

Gmail Manager creates a toolbar icon that can notify you of unread mail in multiple Gmail accounts and show you mail snippets. Last week's update to v0.5.7 created what Firefox labeled a "redirection limit for this URL exceeded" error when trying to access Gmail. Other Google Web programs like Calendar and Docs are unaffected.

Although frustrating, to correct the bug update the plug-in to the... Read More »

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Symantec debuts Norton Online Family

UPDATED: Corrected list of supported messaging protocols.

Known for its security software, Symantec on Tuesday launched a new program aimed at educating parents about their children's online usage. Norton Online Family, now available in beta, is a parental control suite with multiple levels of restriction and an emphasis on usage reporting.

Citing a Rochester Institute of Technology study that found a huge gap between the percentage of parents versus children who report no online supervision, Symantec says that Online Family is... Read More »

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Slideshow: Voice chat for free on your PC

You don't need a fistful of dollars to make an international call, just a computer with a microphone, speakers, and one of the six applications we gathered together for you in this collection of free voice-chat apps (some offer upgrades to premium services.) As a bonus, all of these fine downloads offer video calls to let you put a face to a voice.

... Read More »

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iPhone apps of the week

By now most people have heard the rags to riches stories of the iPhone app developers who learned a valuable secret: Make a "lite" version. It seems reasonable that while there are a lot of people willing to pay for apps, many want to know what they're getting before spending their hard-earned cash. One of our iPhone apps this week has benefited immensely from creating a lite version and I have to admit, I probably wouldn't have tried it myself... Read More »

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First Look video: Skype 4.0 for Windows

If your family and friends live in another area code or country, talking to them using Skype is a no brainer. The latest Windows version, Skype 4.0, adds some useful audio and video enhancements that should dramatically improve call quality, especially for those of you plagued by a dial-up connection or low bandwidth. Yet staunch fans of the free VoIP application have been disappointed by some of Skype's other changes, with good reason. Watch this First Look video to... Read More »

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