Vuze update auto-converts video torrents

Continuing to stake out a different approach to torrents, the latest version of Vuze integrates an auto-conversion feature for both portable screens and your television. Available for Windows and Mac, Vuze 4.2 offers a device drag-and-drop feature that automatically converts a video torrent from its native format to an appropriate one for iTunes, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, and then pushes it to your device.

Still in beta, the new Devices tab on the left nav will ask you... Read More »

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WorldMate 2009 travel app updates for Symbian

On Monday, WorldMate released an update to its travel app for Nokia and Samsung S60 third and fifth edition smartphones. Called WorldMate 2009, the application refreshes the look of previous versions with a new dashboard screen that tells you the local weather and time of your current location, and that sums up your flight and itinerary info if you pay the subscription fees for the pro version.

Aimed especially at international business travelers, WorldMate 2009 for Symbian operates... Read More »

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AOL's coupon service goes mobile

What's even better than getting grocery store coupons online? Getting them from your cell phone. AOL has released a version of its online coupons service,, that's now optimized for viewing from the mobile phone.

Coupons for popular cereal and a jumbo pack of Pull-Ups Training Pants greet you when you navigate to from the mobile browser. After you've registered your savings club card with, you'll be able to add vouchers like these directly to your account,... Read More »

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ColorSplash makes iPhone photos pop

There's undoubtedly something striking about the style of photography that draws attention to a focal object by making the rest of the scene black and white (here's a good example). This kind of selected colorization is within reach on your iPhone if you use ColorSplash for iPhone, a relatively new image-editing app from the developer of Juxtaposer and Juxtaposer Lite, two other image editors for iPhone photos.

After you load an image, ColorSplash will turn it into... Read More »

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Calibre: iTunes for e-books?

Calibre is a cross-platform, open-source library for your e-books that can also sync them to your e-book reader. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, it offers a massive range of individual book customizations, as well as format conversion and newspaper-style RSS feed grabbing, but lacks a slick interface that would go a long way toward convincing skeptics that it's a powerful tool.

The number of things that Calibre can do for your digital book collection is stunning.... Read More »

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Bandwidth meter and a handheld arcade classic: iPhone apps of the week

The big news in the world of iPhone was Apple's sneak preview for the iPhone 3.0 software on Tuesday. Available this summer, iPhone 3.0 will bring many features people have asked for and some that will make things easier for developers of iPhone apps. The two major ones on my list were finally added: MMS (sending photos and other media) and the ability to cut, copy, and paste text. There are a ton of changes coming, so check out our coverage... Read More »

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Hands-on with IE 8: A giant step for Microsoft

It's no secret that when judged by several popular Web browser speed tests, Internet Explorer 8 doesn't hold up well. Beta versions of IE 8 have been available to the general public for more than a year, and today's release of the stable build didn't include anything revolutionary.

Using the SunSpider JavaScript test, the official IE 8 scored 9849.4 ms on a Windows Vista machine with 2 GB of RAM and a 3.00 Ghz clock. This is significantly slower... Read More »

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IE 8's more secure, interestingly innovative: video

Internet Explorer 8 takes some long-needed strides to bring it up to speed with its competitors. It's more secure, with tab sandboxing and more aggressive malicious site warnings, and introduces some slick new features like Accelerators and Web slices.

Even with better support for Web standards, it's far from perfect. Check out what's hot and what's not in this First Look video.

... Read More »

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More security patches for Thunderbird 2

Mozilla Messaging released four bug-fixing patches for Windows, Mac, and Linux editions of Thunderbird 2 last night.

Three of them are marked critical. Two of those deal with crashes caused by memory corruption, and the third plugs a memory leak in the PNG library. The fourth, noncritical fix secures a hole that allowed for XML data theft.

Full release notes are available here.

... Read More »

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Installing Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 is now ready to download. We installed the final build of Microsoft's latest browser, and captured the (looong) download process and our first impressions of some of the featured highlights in pictures.

If that's not enough (it never is,) CNET's Ina Fried has the full story of Microsoft's launch of IE 8 at Redmond's MIX 09 conference, and some details about a version of the browser for Windows 7. Also stay tuned to for our... Read More »

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