Newsgator goes all in with Google Reader

Newsgator goes all in with Google Reader

The publisher of popular RSS readers FeedDemon and NetNewsWire is ditching its proprietary online RSS synchronization in favor of Google Reader. Newsgator's eponymous online service will cease on August 31..

When the beta version of FeedDemon updated earlier this year with the ability to synchronize to either Newsgator or Google Reader, fans of the program rejoiced. Google Reader synchronization, the company says, was one of the most requested features for the Newsgator desktop clients. They have instructions... Read More »

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Top free antispyware picks

Major malicious software epidemics like the much-feared Conficker virus may be fewer and farther between these days, but just because you can't see a threat, doesn't mean it can't hurt you. To that effect, we've rounded up a collection of top antispyware applications on Not only will these six favorite programs help catch out lurking intruders, but also their services won't cost a cent, unless you choose to upgrade.

In the meantime, those considering an upgrade in the fall... Read More »

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Facebook and Google Android app getting closer

Facebook and Google Android app getting closer

Update: Article updated at 1:10pm PT with confirmation from Facebook.

Thanks to close collaborations with Apple, Microsoft, RIM (BlackBerry) engineers, and so on, Facebook-sponsored applications are available for a wide spectrum of mobile phones. An official Android app is in the works, Facebook has confirmed, with Facebook and Google working together on the software.

Some have scoffed that they'd never see the day when the two Silicon Valley titans pause the rivalry long enough to cooperate on a project. The... Read More »

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Top 6 business apps for BlackBerry

Top 6 business apps for BlackBerry

We all know that BlackBerry phones are touted as some of the best business devices out there. Many of the perks for corporate cogs are baked into the operating system, body design, and secure BES Exchange server. Many more come to the BlackBerry through third-party applications, many of which are now centrally accessed and distributed through the BlackBerry App World. Here are six favorites applications for busy, on-the-go professionals.

Pocket office

Creating and viewing common office documents is essential when you're working... Read More »

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Top antispyware software

Top antispyware software

If you are using a Windows machine or even a Mac running Windows in a virtual environment, you need to pay attention to security. At the very least, you should always have at least one program for each of the major security threats: antispyware, antivirus, and a software firewall (if you don't already have a router-based firewall). Some antivirus suites have begun to include antispyware in their software, so if you have antivirus software, check to make sure you're covered.... Read More »

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SugarSync comes to Android Netbooks, phones

SugarSync comes to Android Netbooks, phones

Although Acer may be applying the brakes to its planned Android Netbook deployment, when the Google-y mini computers do hit the shelves, SugarSync will be ready.

On Wednesday, Sharpcast, SugarSync's developer, released a version of the cross-platform multimedia syncing management software for Android phones and Netbooks. SugarSync for Android lets you view and download files on your Android Netbook or mobile phone, and upload local files to your free or premium SugarSync repository.

Since SugarSync's applications are free (you just... Read More »

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Handling images Google style

Do you want a different way to process images on your Mac? Google's Picasa provides a one-stop shop for managing your photo library and simple image editing tools including red-eye removal and cropping. When you're done touching up your work, you can turn your photos into movies, collages, slideshows, or you can upload your photos to Picasa Web Albums to share with friends and family.

Also this week, we have the latest version of Path Finder, the software that... Read More »

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Postbox gets calendaring and pricing

Postbox gets calendaring and pricing

Postbox's latest update builds on the add-on functionality that was introduced in the previous beta, supporting Thunderbird's calendar plug-in Lightning, among others, and also comes with an announcement that the days of Postbox-for-free are coming to a end.

Postbox beta 14 for Windows and Mac has its own build of Lightning, which should allow users to communicate with both local and networked calendars. While Lightning works perfectly for me in Thunderbird, it wasn't able to talk to CNET's... Read More »

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Slacker Radio goes on (BlackBerry) Tour

Slacker Radio goes on (BlackBerry) Tour

In mid-July, Verizon began automatically pushing Slacker Radio to BlackBerry Storm phones. Starting Tuesday, Verizon's partnership with Slacker Radio begins extending to BlackBerry Tour devices in its U.S. network as well.

As part of the agreement, Slacker Radio will hook into Verizon's V Cast store (which itself taps the Rhapsody catalog), giving BlackBerry Storm and Tour users the capability to purchase one of 4.5 million songs.

Slacker Radio's streaming music player competes heavily with similar Internet radio services, particularly Pandora.... Read More »

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Skyfire halts BlackBerry browsing alpha

Skyfire halts BlackBerry browsing alpha

Updated July 28 at 9:45 a.m. PDT with more information about the leak.

On Monday afternoon, Skyfire announced it would put a temporary halt on its alpha program for BlackBerry. The makers of a popular alternative mobile browser for Symbian and Windows Mobile phones pulled the private testing program when they discovered earlier Monday that a nondisclosure agreement had been broken and the program's download link had been leaked.

Co-founder Nitin Bhandari wrote on Skyfire's blog, "During the... Read More »

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