Windows Mobile eye-candy: Spb Mobile Shell 3.0

I'm no cheerleader for most Windows Mobile interfaces, and that goes double for phones like the Samsung Omnia, with its widgety sidebar of management tools that rubs me the wrong way. A decently designed theme is typically an improvement.

Swooping to the rescue, the recently released (and awkwardly named) Spb Mobile Shell 3.0 lays out a heap of good-looking screens, shortcuts, and widgets onto the mobile dashboard without ever deleting the default Today screen. There's a professional layout, casual... Read More »

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A speedier, chattier Digsby IM client in the works?

Keep an eye on the cutting-edge releases and you've got hints at what might make it into the stable version of the products you use. A new private alpha release of Digsby's all-in-one IM application for Windows looks like it's slashing some of the speed and CPU issues known to plague the slick-looking chat and uber-status-and-e-mail-update application, now in beta.

Some back-end work (specifically, an update to Python 2.6 coding language and a move to a new compiler) has reduced... Read More »

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Panda introduces cloud-based free antivirus

digg_url = '';With threats like Conficker fresh in the public's mind, security remains a top concern for Windows users. Panda Security, publishers of Panda Internet Security and Panda Antivirus, is set to take antivirus where it hasn't been yet: into the clouds. Panda Cloud Antivirus beta bets that nearly three years of development can pay off into a better protection system for users. To that end, Panda's willing to make the client free for personal... Read More »

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Tellme voice app to search Windows Mobile

Everybody chuckled when Tellme, a mobile voice company snapped up by Microsoft almost two years ago, released its smartphone voice search application for BlackBerry, instead of for Windows Mobile. Thanks to a new native application that will be released on Windows Mobile 6.5 phones this coming fall, the ribbing may entirely subside.

On Wednesday, Tellme announced the application's features and its shipping plan. Like rival voice services for smartphones, you click a hardware hotkey to initiate the program's digital ears,... Read More »

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Tiny Pad stars unique features

Last week, my colleague Jason Parker brought you a roundup of excellent Notepad replacements. There are more of them out there than I'd like to contemplate, but Tiny Pad is one that offers some features I haven't seen from others.

This freeware boasts a hot corners feature that's turned on by default, so if the program's running but is not the top window, moving your mouse to either the top-left or top-right corner will bring Tiny Pad to the... Read More »

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Yahoo's Zimbra Desktop 1.0 released

Updated April 29, 2009 at 8:45 am with more details about integrating third-party services.

We've been keeping our eye on Zimbra Desktop, the e-mail client that Yahoo acquired in 2007 and held onto for about a year before development work picked up again in earnest. Now, more than a year later, Zimbra Desktop 1.0 has shaken off its beta and is available as a free download for Windows and Mac.

Zimbra differentiates itself from Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail client (Windows|Read More »

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One week later, Firefox updates again

Mozilla has updated Firefox again, just one week after its last update. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Firefox 3.0.10 fixes a stability problem that also behaved like a security breach. A critical regression error unintentionally introduced in v3.0.9 caused some users to suffer frequent crashes when using the HTML Validator add-on, subsequently linked to potentially compromised browser security.

Mozilla also introduced Firefox 3.5 beta 4 last night, said to be the last beta version before... Read More »

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How to spring clean your hard drive

Whether getting rid of an old computer or just making a clean start for your favorite hard drive--do hard drives even get to be honored as "favorites?"--it's important to wipe it clean. With one's and zero's and data recovery, though, it's harder than you might think to make sure that your personal data is gone forever. This collection of drive bombs showcases four free programs for internal and external drive data deletion, as well as files and folders on the... Read More »

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QuickTime to provide YouTube support

Apple Insider has unearthed proof that YouTube uploading will be built into the upcoming version of QuickTime that ships with OS X 10.6.

According to beta testers, several video-sharing options will be baked into the latest release of Apple's QuickTime media playback and editing software, including the capability to directly upload to YouTube. With the new QuickTime, you will be able to convert and upload any supported video file type to the online video service and all you will need... Read More »

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Motocross racing and turn-based strategy: iPhone apps of the week

This week, Apple surpassed an amazing milestone at the iTunes app store: one billion downloads. Apple had been running a contest called the Billion App Countdown promotion with prizes including a chance to win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, a MacBook Pro, an iPod Touch, and more. Though the contest ended once they reached their mark (winners will be announced soon), it's still an amazing feat and clearly implies the apps are going to keep on coming. That's... Read More »

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