Countrywide police scanner and Top Gun: iPhone apps of the week

When I was a wee lad my family used to drive an hour north of the San Francisco Bay Area to visit my grandparents in Santa Rosa, Calif. My sister and I were at the age where we needed something to keep us busy at all times, so my grandparents often had to come up with things for us to do once the toys we brought along no longer held our interest. In one room of my grandparent's place, my... Read More »

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9 tips for avoiding suspicious Web sites

Editor's Note: This article was updated on 5/8/09 from a previous version published on 3/3/08, and the original, published on 12/15/06.

No matter how you arrive at an unsafe Web site, it's all downhill from there. Phishers will attempt to coerce you into disclosing your address, credit card number, or social security number. Or maybe adware engines will start sprouting pop-ups over your screen like a field of clover. Worse, your computer may become part of a botnet, its processing power... Read More »

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Talk to everyone with one chat client

Anyone who uses a chat client frequently knows what it's like when one of your friends is on a different service. You can download the client to match what they use, but that means you'll need to have at least two chat clients running at all times. If someone else comes along that uses a third service, that's when it really starts to get confusing.

Instead of filling up your Dock with chat clients, why not just download Adium? This... Read More »

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Facebook for Windows Mobile: First Look video

At long last, an official Facebook application has come to Windows Mobile 6 phones!

Facebook for Windows Mobile has the usual goods, plus two unique surprises just for your phone.

What are they? Well, you'll have to watch the video or read our hands-on review to find out. It's worth it, and if you're a Windows Mobile 6 users, so is the new Facebook download.

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Facebook's official Windows Mobile debut (at last!)

Back in March, Microsoft promised the world, and especially Windows Mobile 6 owners, a native Facebook application for Windows Mobile phones. On Thursday, Redmond delivered. OK, so Facebook for Windows Mobile 6 was forecast for April instead of May, but we're willing to overlook its tardiness because the app not only works quite well, but it also adds some unique and useful functionality tailored to this platform.

It's striking that Facebook on Windows Mobile is recognizable, but doesn't look like... Read More »

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9 favorite Google Android apps

Version 1.5 of Google's mobile operating system is well on its way to bringing flashier features to Android phones. Some, like the virtual keyboard, are as sturdy and sensible as a bread roll, while others, like "live" dashboard folders and video recording and playback, pack in much more flavor and fat.

Until that blessed day arrives, here are nine free Android apps that take our G1 somewhere in between. You can download them all via the Market icon on... Read More »

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See what's new in Windows 7 RC (slideshow)

The first official release candidate for Windows 7 includes impressive new features like XP Mode and remote streaming media, as well as smaller tweaks to make the OS work better than it did in beta. Click through to see what's different.

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Vlingo 3.0 introduces premium voice features

Mobile voice search company Vlingo on Wednesday released Vlingo 3.0 for BlackBerry. Like Vlingo 2.0 before it, Vlingo 3.0 uses your voice commands to text other Vlingo BlackBerry users, search the Web, dial a number, create a note, update Facebook and Twitter, and open other applications. New to Vlingo 3.0 is a robotic voice that reads back your actions (like, "calling Home"), plus two premium features. One lets you text any contact (not just others using Vlingo's BlackBerry... Read More »

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What to expect in Windows 7 RC

The best thing to happen to Microsoft's public relations in years, Windows 7 is more than just spin. The latest official update to what some are calling the largest shareware trial period ever introduces more than mere bug fixes as the operating system upgrades from beta to release candidate. The Windows 7 Release Candidate does contain several major and minor changes, but the overall experience remains largely unchanged.

What's most important to you about the release candidate will depend... Read More »

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Watch Windows 7 RC in action

Microsoft impressed many with its Windows 7 beta, and the new Windows 7 Release Candidate looks even better. More than mere bug fixes, the Windows 7 Release Candidate improves on device management and search-term highlighting, and includes support for a virtual XP mode to run older programs. Preview what's new in this First Look video, and don't miss the hand's on review.

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