Yahoo Mobile for iPhone--video

When Yahoo released its Yahoo Mobile app for iPhone last week at CTIA 2009, it represented the first union of the services for the iPhone that Yahoo had, until now, been developing as separate applications. The unified result is a cohesive, rich-looking amalgamation of your social RSS and news stories--from Yahoo and other services as well, including Facebook and Gmail. It isn't a cure-all, but it's a worthy download for those looking for a one-stop Internet shop.

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Make sure your antivirus software is legit

"How do you tell the rogue antivirus Web sites from the good sites?" asks one reader.

Its answer is poised to help many people outsmart the rogue antivirus spyware that is trying to outsmart them. CNET TV's Molly Wood shares our suggestions in this Quick Tip video.

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HD video rentals now in iTunes

iTunes 8.1.1 for Windows and Mac introduces HD video rentals to the iTunes Store, but almost more importantly also fixes some synchronization problems that the program had been having. Apple says that the improvements fix problems with VoiceOver, the built-in screen reader for the visually impaired, and lingering issues with syncing the iPhone and iPod Touch to iTunes.

Full changelogs can be read at the following links, for Windows and Mac.

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Eye chart can help diagnose Conficker

UPDATED on Thursday, April 9 at 12:30 p.m.: The original link to the eye chart broke, but a new, working one has replaced it.

April Fools' Day passed with much angst over and little action from the Conficker worm, but that doesn't mean it's not a threat.

Joe Stewart from SecureWorks has put together an effective "eye chart" that sources its graphics from sites that Conficker would block. Click here to test the eye chart.... Read More »

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Free calls and air traffic control: iPhone apps of the week

Do you have an app that you wish was on the iPhone, but hasn't been developed or ported over yet? Certainly we all have our wish lists when it comes to apps, but one that I've been waiting for since the beginning is the chat and VoIP program, Skype (Mac or Windows). Fortunately, the folks over at Skype have finally put together a great app for iPhone, and if you've never used Skype, I'm here to tell you... Read More »

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Student Pad needs more schoolin'

This alternative browser looks to be built on Internet Explorer, combining a robust notepad with diminished Web browsing. Freeware Student Pad splits the browser and notepad horizontally, so that the top half of window is for taking notes and the bottom half is for surfing the web. It sounds like an interesting project, but the execution of it as it is now shows that there's room for improvement. There's also no documentation on the browser's source, although it... Read More »

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Three small tools create useful features

This collection of free utilities for Windows will energize your corners, introduce tagging for files, and allow you to move and resize program windows in a Windows 7 style via your Alt key.

TaggedFrog tags your files, but keeps the tags to itself--there's little cross-over with Windows Explorer. You can drag and drop from Explorer, though, and that makes adding tags significantly easier. It does nothing automatically, which means there's little chance of a file getting mistagged and lost in... Read More »

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Freeware optimizes images side by side

Anyone who has posted images to a Web site or blog knows that making the image "Internet-friendly" is crucial to fast page-loading times. Similarly, optimizing images for e-mail is important because sending enormous image files through your e-mail client can cause problems for those with slower connection speeds. There are several software tools available to reformat and optimize your images, but I found one recently that's free, easy, and effective.

RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) (Free) for Windows takes the... Read More »

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KidZui 4 looks the same, but has back-end changes

KidZui's closed-system browser for children upgrades to version 4, but fans of the program won't notice many changes initially. Available for Windows and Mac and as a Firefox extension, the update encompasses a range of changes, including optimization for Netbooks, client- and server-side caching, simplified animations, and a number of bug fixes. Most importantly, the program is supposed to run faster, although that was hard to judge from 10 minutes of use. It's not slower, though.

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Opera's latest feature? Browsing with your face

Speed has been the heat behind the desktop browser battle, and not much else. On Wednesday, Opera Software decided to throw an innovative curve ball by introducing a feature into the version 10 alpha of the Opera browser that lets you surf the Web by flaring your nostrils. They call it Opera Face Gestures.

If you've got a Webcam and a working F8 key, you'll be able to open new browser tabs, navigate around, and even compose an e-mail using... Read More »

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