Strata Design 3D CX specifications

What's new in version 7.0.5


  • Added ability to select either PNG or JPEG as the image format.
  • Added support for exporting lights.
  • Added support for compound textures.
  • Added export option to flatten transformations.
  • Added export option to flatten hierarchy.
  • Added export option to toggle the inversion of transparency. Checking this option switches away from the Collada spec.
  • Added export option to toggle the inversion of transparency maps. Checking this option switches away from the Collada spec.
  • Added more decimal places to the Collada Import dialog.
  • Fix for stencil maps support in Collada files. This allows stencil maps to work with Preview and iBooks Author.
  • Several fixes for texture tiling and stencil maps.
  • Support for pivot points in Collada export with the hierarchy.
  • Using the material name as the base of the map names.
  • OBJ:

  • Stopped the exporting of hidden objects to OBJ.
  • FBX

  • Fixed the FBX saving issue.
  • Fixed some FBX texture display issues (for example - texture transparency).
  • Added FBX support for normals deformation.
  • 2D Bezier Reshape

  • Fixed grid snapping to work in the 2d Bezier edit mode.
  • Added support for Select All, Select None and Select Inverse in this edit mode.
  • Other:

  • Fix for Illustrator (.ai) 'pdf compatible' file recognition over a network.
  • PNG and TIFF output now retains the 'dpi' render setting.
  • Fix for an Extrude OP crash when collapsing palette.
  • Fixed a hot key timing issue (tool switch reverting due to long modeling window redraws).
  • Fixed Recent Files to work with Save As...
  • Fixed the issue that resulted in duplicate shapes when copying into another document.
  • Fix for some files not displaying the scene in the modeling window.
  • Fixed FBX import issue with finding missing texture files.
  • A fix for some undo crashers involving bezier editing in all its forms.
  • A fix for Extrude bevel edit issues.
  • Fixed the GL renderer aborting a rendering without an error message when a linked image texture is corrupt.
  • Fixed a possible crash in Triangulate face command.
  • Fixed the serial number retention issue on Mountain Lion.
  • Fix for cleaning up empty faces when loading models.
  • Fixed ctrl and ctrl-option clicking not working in the Project Window (manifest in the Mtn. Lion timeline scaling report).
  • Fixed an occasional crasher when leaving the polygon editor.
  • Disabled support for saving a PICT file.
  • Fixed a tolerance issue when calculating rotation angles.
  • Fixed an arbitrary units bug that caused some non-numerical value alerts.
  • Live 3D XMM export - fixed a bad texture output issue.
  • Fixed a PW refresh issue when drag-copying an object inside a shape.
  • Fix for not being able to drag a copy when having a sub shape selection.
  • Fix for updating selections when entering mesh reshape after UV edit session is already started.
  • Ensuring only a single UV session. Â If Edit UV is chosen again then the current session is brought forward.
  • Fix to the MatchMotion script to allow the loading of PFMatchit XML files in addition to PFHoe XML files.
  • Fix for tolerance issue when creating objects on a grid.
  • Added "Select Non-Manifold" to the polygon editor's edge mode contextual menu. (What are non-manifold edges? See Documentation Addenda section below.)
  • Several boolean fixes to deal with bad geometry. This fixes some crashing Strata model files that contain pre-CX 7 boolean objects.
  • Fixes to avoid an issue that can cause the file size to bloat.
  • Fixes for Shapes tab plus menu popup not working with hotkeys.
  • Changes to the New Project templates visual layout.
  • Other fixes made for issues that showed up during the testing process.


  • Publisher Strata Software
  • Publisher web site
  • Release date February 05, 2013
  • Date added February 05, 2013
  • Version 7.0.5


System requirements

  • Operating systems Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6
  • Additional requirements Not available

Download information

  • File size 184.68MB
  • File name SD3D_CX_705_Updater_Mac.dmg


  • Total Downloads 4,928
  • Downloads last week 24


  • License model Update
  • Limitations Not available
  • Price $695.00