Sports Card Collection specifications

What's new in version 5.3.3

  • Removed picture buttons from 'Add Card' & 'View/Edit/Remove Card' screens and replaced with icons. Made picture on those two screens larger.
  • Fixed bug on 'Buy Cards' screen and changed UI.
  • Added icons to History on 'Main' & 'Player' screens to view large history.
  • Streamlined UI on 'Search' & 'Create Totals' screens.
  • Added information icons to 'Reports', 'Export', & 'Create Totals' screens.
  • Added Required Field icon to Year, Number, and Brand Name fields on 'Add Card' & 'View/Edit/Remove Card' screens.
  • Added details of the cards to the current card drop down on the 'View/Edit/Remove Card' screen.
  • Added new Grading companies KSA & BCCG. Also, updated/expanded existing Grading companies strandards of grading.
  • Enlarged the Card Notes field if the card is not Graded on 'Add Card' & 'View/Edit/Remove Card' screens.
  • Added last search history to the 'Search' screen.
  • Added Graded to the available fields list on the 'Search' & 'Create Totals' screens.
  • Added Sport to the available fields to sort by on the 'Search All Players' & 'All Players' screens.
  • Added new screen called: 'All Players'. This screen shows all the players from across all the sports that have been entered into the program.
  • Corrected small bugs and made small UI changes.
  • New view on 'View Years' Screen.
  • After adding a new player, the new player's 'Cards' Screen is opened.
  • Matching of duplicate cards has been re-worked. If SCC has found a card to be a duplicate, the user now has a choice to either had the card to the duplicate count or create a new card.
  • There is now a 'Wait' Screen that is displayed when: backing up the database, loading a backup of the database, creating a webpage, or exporting to excel.
  • After exporting to excel has completed, there's an option to open the file.
  • After editing a card, if possible, the edited card will be the first card displayed.
  • Small various UI changes.



System requirements

  • Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Additional requirements Not available

Download information

  • File size 2.37MB
  • File name SportsCardCollection.exe


  • Total Downloads 7,669
  • Downloads last week 24


  • License model Free
  • Limitations Not available
  • Price Not available