Serial Cloner specifications

What's new in version 2.6

  • [NEW] Estimates Isoelectric point of protein sequences (DNA and Protein Sequence Window)
  • [NEW] MacOSX version now distributed as a signed application (Mountain Lion Gatekeeper compatibility)
  • [ADDED] An option in the Preferences to select pK value tables to use for pI estimation
  • [ADDED] An option in the Preferences to use the Codon code from Codon Usage tables as a Genetic code used for translation
  • [ADDED] An option in the Restriction Map window to only translate nucleotides that are in uppercase
  • [ADDED] A button/menu to choose particular sites to be displayed in Restriction maps.
  • [ADDED] Scan for peptide Features in Protein Sequences
  • [ADDED] Inherit Features when reverse-translating a DNA sequence
  • [ADDED] A rapid switch between a DNA and Protein Align window
  • [ADDED] Non formatted copy of Protein sequence (Copy More... Menu)
  • [ADDED] Inherit Features when copying/Pasting Protein sequences
  • [ADDED] Display Features in Protein Align (Local Align)
  • [ADDED] A toggle button to highlight differences in aligned proteins
  • [ADDED] A shortcut (S) to quickly show or mask Features (in the Features tab of Sequence Windows)
  • [ADDED] 'Anchor' and 'Core' domains of Primers are now recognized as Features in Sequence Windows
  • [ADDED] A button to quickly select a full linear insert in the 'Build a Construct' window
  • [ADDED] Added a shortcut to 'Copy Non Formatted' [COMMAND-SHIFT-K]
  • [ADDED] A menu entry to go to Serial Cloner Forum
  • [ADDED] A menu entry to go to Serial Cloner Youtube Channel (tutorial)
  • [UPDATED] It is now possible to fully resize Sequence windows
  • [UPDATED] Absent sites are indicated in italic in enzyme chooser windows (Graphic and Restriction Maps)
  • [UPDATED] Unique sites are indicated in bold in enzyme chooser windows (Graphic and Restriction Maps)
  • [UPDATED] Parsing of NCBI sequences (Web Access) to take in account changes in NCBI pages.
  • [UPDATED] Improved parsing of sequences containing 'X' in the nucleotide sequence
  • [UPDATED] Changed shortcut of 'Copy All Sequences To Multifasta' to [COMMAND-SHIFT-J] instead of [COMMAND-SHIFT-K]
  • [CORRECTED] A Windows-specific interface bug the the 'Import Codon Bias' window
  • [CORRECTED] A bug sometimes preventing proper copy of images (Graphic map, Virtual Cut, shRNA) in the clipboard (Windows specific)
  • [CORRECTED] A problem arising with uncommon RE names like R1.BceSIV in the particular enzyme" chooser of the Graphic Map.
  • [CORRECTED] A problem [Gateway Cloning] with Features indication when the destination vector was antisense (att2-att1 direction)
  • [CORRECTED] A bug in the selection of the most used AA when reverse translating
  • [CORRECTED] A problem with "Select All" in Sequence and Protein windows
  • [CORRECTED] A File type problem associated to Serial Cloner files (breaking compatibility with Sequencher import in particular)
  • [CORRECTED] Ligation : Sometimes unnecessarily produced degenerate DNA
  • [CORRECTED] Gateway : generated DNA but then when then saved as unknown type
  • [CORRECTED] PCR : if done on "unknown format" sequence, incorrectly generated "Protein" type.
  • [CORRECTED] A problem updating Feature when undoing a modification
  • [CORRECTED] When pasting a protein sequence in GenBank format (NCBI) a protein sequence window is now correctly created.
  • [CORRECTED] A problem with the NCBI BLAST server when using non-ASCII characters in Sequence names
  • [CORRECTED] A problem with Feature display after a scan when only one Feature was found
  • [CORRECTED] A rare problem of Feature display in the Construct Window
  • [CORRECTED] A refresh problem when using character size different from 12 pt in Graphic maps.
  • [CORRECTED] A bug in the Restriction map windows where the first line of amino acid translation was shifted in codon mode
  • [CORRECTED] A bug related preventing the use of previously selected enzymes in the Virtual Cutter Window


  • Publisher Serial Basics
  • Publisher web site
  • Release date March 06, 2013
  • Date added March 06, 2013
  • Version 2.6


System requirements

  • Operating systems Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.5
  • Additional requirements Not available

Download information

  • File size 16.73MB
  • File name SerialCloner2-6.dmg


  • Total Downloads 10,995
  • Downloads last week 41


  • License model Free
  • Limitations Not available
  • Price Not available